Time Warner Cable suffers major outage across the U.S.

Time Warner is suffering a major outage of internet services across the US, with the East Coast seemingly affected the most.

Customers reacted angrily via social media that they can no longer access the internet, land-lines or on-demand services, which cut-off early on Wednesday morning. Time Warner responded to the complaints via Twitter stating they were working on the issues "as quickly as possible."

According to Mashable, the outage extends from the East to West Coasts of the U.S., with the most recent reports from Los Angeles, to New York, to Charlotte, North Carolina. The map below shows the major outage areas as of 7:25 a.m. ET:

Map of affected areas as of 7:25am EDT

Re/code managed to get a statement from the company who have pinpointed the problems due to maintenance carried out early on Wednesday morning:

At 430am ET this morning during our routine network maintenance, an issue with our Internet backbone created disruption with our Internet and On Demand services. As of 6am ET services were largely restored as updates continue to bring all customers back online.

Thankfully, some people don't think it's the end of the world.

While others might think it's an excuse to get the day off.

If you're in an affected area and are somehow able to get online, know that Time Warner is confident that the issues will be resolved soon, if we're to believe the above statement made to re/code.

Source & Images: Mashable

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It must have happened in the middle of the night so I never noticed a thing. I personally have found TWC to be extremely reliable. It doesn't even go out in bad storms. The only time I lost it was when my modem went bad and they gave me a new one.

In the US, we don't by definition consider phone service from the cable company to be a "land line" when they say everyone is ditching land lines, that number from places like the FCC do not include VoIP and Digital Voice services from cable companies... kind of how the numbers get skewed.. as people switch from POTS from the phone company, which is really the only thing they consider land lines now days to digital voice services via DOCSIS they drop off POTS and the land line subscriber number drops... but the VoIP number goes up... even though they are BOTH hard line connected phone systems... one just uses PacketCable to pass voice through a DOCSIS network.. don't like how they do it, but when they mention "ditching land line" numbers all they are ever talking about is POTS lines over copper to a Phone company CO...

yeah I got home from work and the only site that would load was yahoo. steam logged in but chat was not sending messages. they where probably working with old routers and the memory limits on them have been reached and routers have been overloading all month.

Land-lines? Are we changing the meaning of that word? Land-lines are copper which as far as I know Time Warner is not in that business. Even if they are what would the loss of their Internet backbone have to do with phone service? I assume they meant their VOIP phone service in the post?

Maybe I am wrong and the copper phone system ties in with their Internet backbone now which would suck. Everything tied into one system is not good... Can anyone clarify this?

Was chatting with some people this morning and we were talking about a few things:

What would happen if there was a true nationwide outage?
Do we as a people even know how to deal with it?
On a basic social level do we know to interact with the people around us and the people in our lives without the internet?
Can we continue to complete the basic daily tasks without the internet?

I am in my mid-30's and I remember a time before the internet, email, and cellphones. But I am not sure how as a society we could function even for a short amount of time without the actual internet.

While this book is a science fiction book, it does give a good incite on how a society might cope. http://www.amazon.com/CyberStorm-Matthew-Mather/dp/0991677196/ref=la_B006QY78Z4_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1409147483&sr=1-1

Steven Rogers' tweet should read like this in the UK:

"Deep within BT is an old router with a sign "don't touch" acting as the central hub for all their internet.

Its PSU brick just blew!"

I've had our BT Openreach modem's supply blow about three times in 2 years, alas, no internet when I wake up!. Just a good thing I keep them spare! WE also have quite a few outages affecting a large area, they really need to invest in better routers and supplies!

TV and Internet were affected in SoCal.
Hoping for the Google Fiber to come, the price of outdated and low-speed TimeWarner's DOCSIS is ridiculously high.

I was out for a while, Rochester NY region. I can't help but wonder if they were trying to locate where all the recent DDOS attacks on Blizzard, PSN, and others were originating from or how to stop it.

Phone companies/ISP's are so **** in the US. You guys hardly have any competition, high prices, slower speeds, more data caps, and now Comcast and Time Warner are merging, so even less competition and even higher prices. You have all this "fast lane" stupidity so net neutrality is ruined, and now you have massive outages. Complete mess.

Ph1b3r0pt1c said,

cause 'MURICA!

No because we live in a country where we don't settle for less, no matter how corrupt our nation is. /s

I was one of the people affected. Kansas City, MO here. I couldn't even call and report a issue because the phone systems were down too.