Top ten YouTube videos of 2010

Google has released the top 10 videos on YouTube for 2010 and the list does not disappoint. The list, posted below, consists of such classics as The Old Spice Guy, The bed intruder song, Double Rainbows (but what does it mean?) and several others that made the list this year.

According to the YouTube blog, "During 2010, you all watched more than 700 billion YouTube videos, and uploaded more than 13 million hours of video." These hefty numbers show that the Internet loves video and what it loves even more, are Video meme's. 

Videos are becoming an integral part of the Internet experience, no long are we thriving for just pictures of events, but it is becoming quite common for videos to also taken at key events around the world. Despite our love for news, the top 10 consists of mostly humorous videos but there are a couple of videos that do showcase talent.  

The list does exclude major label music videos, although OK Go's music video did make it into the top 10.


#10:  Ken Block’s Gymkhana, Part 2; Ultimate Playground; l’Autodrome:


 #9: Jimmy Surprises Bieber Fan:




#7: OK Go – This Too Shall Pass – Rube Goldberg Machine version


#6: Yosemitebear Mountain Giant Double Rainbow


#5: Old Spice - The Man Your Man Could Smell Like


#4:  Annoying Orange Wazzup


#3: Greyson Chance Singing Paparazzi 



#2: TIK TOK KESHA Parody


#1: The Bed Intruder Song




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Ken block really amazed me, didn't even realise cars were pushing sub 2 second 0-60's!

Amazing, but yeah some of that stuff, like the oranges, WTF?

the Ken Block video is just awesome. I want a fiesta now! lol

Those Ok Go guys suck but that video if pure genius.

All others on that lista don't even deserved to be mentioned...

qdave said,
wow people indeed watch rubbish most of the time

Sure do, huh?

I know you can find almost anything on YouTube, but I very, very seldom even go there.

Just not my thing.

The thing is that these videos weren't ranked by opinion but rather by how many viewers have watched them. Just because they were watched a gazillion times doesn't mean they were the 10 favorites just the 10 most watched.

And lo, the average IQ of your standard YouTube user was finally exposed. OK Go and the Old Spice Guy are cool though.

nekrosoft13 said,

holly crap that Ken Block video is insane

yes it is and there's a first one when he was driving for Subaru, just as badass

the rest is pure stupidity...