Toshiba cuts HD player prices in Blu-ray fight

Consumer electronics maker Toshiba Corp said on Monday it is slashing prices of its HD DVD format players by between 40 to 50 percent as major Hollywood studios move to embrace Sony Corp's Blu-ray format high definition DVDs. Toshiba America Consumer Products said it cut prices of its HD DVD players effective January 13 to boost market adoption of its next-generation DVD players by mainstream consumers after what it said was a successful fourth quarter in unit sales.

"While price is one of the consideration elements for the early adopter, it is a deal-breaker for the mainstream consumer," said Toshiba executive Yoshi Uchiyama in a statement. Toshiba's players will now start as low as $149 going up to $399 for the top-of-range player.

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I ordered my PS3 today because the format war is leaning to BR and I was tired of thinking of it over and just wanted one already

I think Toshiba is fighting a loosing battle here. It seems to me that the major studios have mostly made the move to BR and the remaining seem to be heading that direction. With that in mind, what good will it do to lower prices when there really won't be any movies for that format?

Um, what is a "loosing battle"?

Is the TV show "Lost" or "Loost"?

(amazed how many times the word is misspelled and by how many)

I could get a BD burner combo (BD writer/HD-DVD rom) for 230 euro. I guess for around 250 dollar they'll be available. IMO that's not THAT much, especially if they also do hd-dvd reading

Why couldn't they drop the prices -before- losing studio support?

They could do it and take a profit-leading loss, or cut up to 1/2 and still make a profit. Before the lack of support they could have just claimed cost per unit fell due to high sales. But now it just looks like they were gouging users.

I love how each side spins this move:

Blu-Ray supporters:

Desparate is the word. A last ditched attempt before Blu-ray takes over.

HD-DVD supporters:

Toshiba's simply aggressively pricing them to appeal to more buyers, building off of their success in Q4 2007

These players are good investment all around because they are top-of-the-line SD DVD upscalers and are priced the same as regular upscalers, so even if HD-DVD dies you can still use them as DVD upscalers while you wait a couple years for Blu-Ray players to drop to an affordable price.

HD-DVD players don't upscale regular DVDs -at least not by default. The 360 add-on certainly does not.

I don't "support" blu-ray but, I am giving up on HD_DVD. It's dead, jim.

I'm not sure where you got that information. My HD-DVD player does a great job upscaling my DVDs. I think where you're confused is that it won't do so if you run component cables. You need HDMI for it to work.

I'm not sure where you got that information. My HD-DVD player does a great job upscaling my DVDs.

Ditto here. Mine does such a good job that it makes me wonder if I even need HD!

I thought upscalers were already down to 60 bucks?
Besides, what kind of joke is going from "the look and sound of perfect" to the "look and sound of upscaled is just fine"?

JoHideo said,
I think where you're confused is that it won't do so if you run component cables. You need HDMI for it to work.

Component is more than capable of doing 720p and 1080i. Most dvd upsclaers support this method of output. That said I use HDMI myself.

I think that HDDVD has a chance to still play in the field, when the Blu ray users realize that to get the new features of version 2 a lot if not all of the drives that have been sold already will not be 100% compatible.

Here is the list of HDDVD titles that are due for release this year so far, and I have to say that there isnt anything ( with the exception of some Clint Eastwood titles ) that I want anyway....

PS3 owners(the overall mass majority) have always had a 2.0 profile player.
Any owner that does get stuck at an older profile(the very few) will still be able to watch the main feature anyways.

Many people have made silly decisions, some bought Blu-Ray 1.0 or 1.1 only capable players, the same amount of people bought HD-DVD. All of these people might get caught out in the future. Atleast the Blu-Ray players will be able to play movies released in the future. Silly people were always going to exist, that can't be helped. The PS3 is an awesome Blu-Ray(and DVD) machine and there is no real reason to not use it as a primary player for movies.

You guys are all idiots if you think the war is still raging on. This isn't a sales boosting tactic, it's a clearance method. My HD_DVD player will work to play DVDs better than the DVD player on board the 360 and nothing more.

Sadly the war is over folks. By this time next year you're have Blu-ray or DVD to choose from.

I guess I have a reason to buy a rotten PS3 now so I won't feel quite as bad since I was considering picking one up for one stupid game I'm interested in (Little Big World). Maybe MS will iron out details of how they will swallow licensing from Sony before then and offer a blu-ray tack on player.

Your a retard its not over hd dvd is gonna be around wether you like it or not you flake You think because sony paid off these studios thats the end ms an toshiba can make that pos gaystation you own obsolete today if they wanted to ms has deeper pockets than sony .

ishtar said,
Your a retard its not over hd dvd is gonna be around wether you like it or not you flake You think because sony paid off these studios thats the end ms an toshiba can make that pos gaystation you own obsolete today if they wanted to ms has deeper pockets than sony . :D

It's you're*. If you're* going to call someone a retard, try not to look like one yourself.

Your=possessive; yours ("Did you enjoy your day off?", "How's your new computer?")
You're=You are; (If you're going to eat all the pie, I'm going home", "You're such a moron.")

MS has deeper pockets than Sony? I dont think so. Sony is a gigantic company in many industries(movie, tv, music, all kinds of hardware like mobiles/dvd/mp3/cd/power amp/speakers/gaming/computer/etc, pro audio tools, this list is massive and goes on.), MS would love to be as large as Sony. Bill Gates is very rich as one man, Sony is not owned by one man.

Why do people want a Toshiba monopoly anyways!? Atleast with Blu-Ray many companies own it and are making players for it. HD-DVD is Toshiba versus Toshiba.

What would really end this which ended the previous war of formats is Toshiba releasing a unit that records not just playback and bam Blue Ray would be dead.

Sony did release a computer burner but at 800 it did not last long on most retailers shelves.

HD-DVD market is share 50%. If it would have ~90% of martket share with extreme low priced players, studios would come back...

Spoke to Toshiba UK (01276 694530)today regarding the price cuts in the UK and why it wasn't mirrored here, woman there wasn't really helpful, she just said it wasnt their position to advise price drops, shops had to do that themselves, they set the prices. Asked her about do Toshiba UK set a MRRP (Manufacturers Recommended Retail Price) and she just repeated in a different way it is up to the shops what they sell at but did say they would not be dropping prices they sell to shops at. So either shops in the UK are hiking the price up, or Toshiba will not drop the price

Asked about advertising, she just said they dont advertise as it advertises itself, what kind of answer is that?

The problem is that with all of the price cuts, more people will buy the players and IF(back off, I said IF) HD DVD loses all studio support, then everyone that bought the players will then need to re-buy BD players. Which means more people will be hurt by this format war. Also, why can Toshiba cut the prices so much now? Why didn't they do this 4 months ago? Is this desperation or were they able to cut prices, but chose to keep the prices high to keep a higher profit per unit?

Toshiba is pot committed and are desperate regardless of how feeble this last ditch effort seems. They stand to lose a lot of money if they lose this, in their mind they will do anything to make this work.

Why didn't they do this 4 months ago? Well these prices are below cost! Not the cost to make the machine but to payoff the many dollars it costs to design and create new things, all those engineers and test machines do not come cheap. They can most likely afford to make these units and sell at these prices but right now no one is paying off the huge hole hd-dvd put in Toshiba's pocket over the last decade.

Competition is always great for the consumer! I doubt European countries or the UK will see these price drops anytime soon. HD-DVD in Europe is not doing all that well according to reports. Then again, I have yet to see any form of Marketing from the HD-DVD camp, but the same is true for the Blu-Ray camp too.

Sony is NEVER concerned about the customer, & they ALWAYS fool the customers to gain profit on BOTH the software & hardware level, & u all know that clearly, & what makes me even more sad is that some customers are still fooled & still believe it!!!

To Warner Bros, These are what the customers really want:

The A3 sales are raising up dramatically & is #4 in Amazon's best sellers & even surpassing all the ipods except for the 4GB nano..

Again am not a fan boy, but for the best of the Customers:

Long Live HD-DVD:)!

Again am not a fan boy...

Then you would know Blu-ray is not Sony.

Panasonic (most IP)

What's best for the customer is a product that offers a wide variety of hardware & software. Not a Toshiba monopoly.

i agree about it sticking around for a while, but why would yours go to waste? it's not suddenly going to malfunction if BD becomes the standard. the way i see it, in the future, i can buy a nice BD player, but i'll still have my movies on HD DVD that i can watch, and not have to re-buy on BD. no wasting at all.