Toshiba Recalls 142,000 AC adapters

US Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with Toshiba, has announced the voluntary recall of about 142,000 Toshiba AC adapters (model ADPV16) sold with the company's SD-P1600 portable DVD players, a move sparked by concerns that the AC adapters could fail, causing the DVD player to overheat, thus posing a burn hazard to consumers. As of this point, no injuries have been reported due to the defect, though Toshiba has received two reports of minor damage to the bottom of the DVD player. The electronics company said that the players were manufactured in China and sold in the US between January 2005 and April 2006; consumers are advised to stop using the AC adapters immediately and contact Toshiba customer support for a replacement.

View: Recall Announcement
View: Toshiba Customer Support

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The adapter on my Toshiba laptop did something similar to this, it destroyed 3 batterys before I realized what was actually going on.