Tweaks for Skype 1.0

Tweaks for Skype is a user-friendly tool to set up Skype™. Administrative settings can be configured with only a few clicks. Many of the featured settings cannot be found in the Skype client itself.


  • Disable File Transfer - Prevents users from sharing files.
  • Disable Contact Import - Prevents users from importing contacts.
  • Disable Personalization - Prevents users from changing sounds.
  • Disable Update Check - Prevents users from searching for updates.
  • Disable Screen Sharing - Prevents users from sharing their screens.
  • Disable Language Editing - Prevents users from editing UI languages.
  • Disable User Online Status - Prevents the user’s status from being published on the internet.
  • Disable API Access - Prevents other applications from accessing the Skype™ API.
  • Run Skype in RAM ony - Skype™ will be executed in RAM only.
  • Disable Supernode Functionality - Prevents the client from becoming a Skype™ supernode – saves bandwidth.
  • Disable Ads

Note: The program includes 3rd party (optional) software.

Download: Tweaks for Skype 1.0 | 500 KB (Freeware)
View: Tweaks for Skype Homepage

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Thank you very much for your feedback.
Having read your comments I immediately stopped working with the new advertiser I used for installer advertising.
The installer has been updated and the bugs regarding the "disable ads" function should be fixed.
Tweaks for Skype™ can be downloaded here:

This program is terrible, it (installer) tries to download a file called "Bi_Downloader.exe" which is flagged as dangerous by Most anti virus Engines.

The program itself tries to get you to run it as admin after it's installed in the windows folder!

It should never be in the windows folder this day and age, the app is written in the .NET 3.5 framework and the author should know how to use data folders and know writing to an xml settings file or changing keys in hlm does not need such drastic privileges.

You can just reflect it and see the reg keys or xml files it's tampering with.

It looks like a good program, but watch the installer. It does a lot of crap and if you don't read what's going on for each step, you might be loading a lot of useless stuff also before you get to the EULA.