Tweetz Desktop 0.8.16 Beta

Tweetz Desktop

Tweetz Desktop is a Windows twitter client designed to sit comfortably in the corner of your desktop. It can optionally display attached images inline (as shown below). Tweetz displays your home, mentions and direct messages in a single view reducing the need to switch timelines. Tweetz supports real time updates, posting with media and keyboard shortcuts. (Press ? to display).

Available Languages:

  • English
  • Dutch - translation by Joshua Jacobs
  • German - translation by Tobias Fichtner
  • Italian - translation by Gian Luca Boccaletti
  • Spanish - translation by Rufo Mola
  • Swedish - translation by Vesal Kariminejad

It's easy to translate Tweetz Desktop. Find the file tweetz.exe.locale in the install folder. Open it and follow the directions. Make sure to use a text editor like Notepad and not a word processor (like Word). (Optional) If you would like "Translation by" credit, include your name and a web address.

Tweetz Desktop requires Windows 7 or Windows 8 and .NET 4.5.1.

Download: Tweetz Desktop 0.8.16 | 670 KB (Freeware)
View: Tweetz Desktop Website

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Seems OK, but RAM usage is pushing 90MB at the mo, which is a bit excessive given how simple the program is.
Also the default font is way too small on my 1440p monitor. Had to switch to the largest size for it to stop straining my eyes.

Will probably just switch back to running Tweetdeck in a browser window and docking it to the side.

Given that this isn't an official Twitter-endorsed/backed app (unlike say, Tweetdeck), isn't there a danger that this will also eventually suffer the same fate as other Twitter clients that have been forced to close because they've reached 3rd party user/request limits imposed by Twitter?