TwitPic is shutting down, creator points finger at Twitter

After nearly six years, TwitPic is shutting down its service amidst pressure from Twitter's legal team. The service has worked in conjunction with Twitter for several years providing hosting services for images and videos.

According to a blog post by TwitPic creator Noah Everett, Twitter contacted his company a few weeks ago in regards to a trademark that was filed for his company that has been pending since 2009. The Twitter legal team demanded they abandon the trademark or risk losing access to the Twitter API.

Naturally this came as a shock to Everett, as TwitPic has been around for nearly six years and has never run into this issue prior. In the end, it's a classic tale of a small company not having the resources to battle a company like Twitter in court. Instead, TwitPic will shut down its service on September 25th, 2014.

For those that have amassed a war chest of images and videos on the service, TwitPic will be offering a way to download all of your precious memories from their site in the next couple of days. 

Source: TwitPic 

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I guess they want everyone to use their own service ( Pretty messed up way to wipe out some of the alternatives...

I don't consider limiting third party clients to be anti-competitive in Twitter's case. If no one uses Twitter directly, then no one sees their ads and they cannot make money.

They could just change their name. In the US, you are required to defend your trademark or you risk losing it.

Yep. There are stories about Coke sending people into restaurants and requesting a Coke. If the server did not point out that they were getting a Pepsi instead, then Coke would file a lawsuit along with an apology. As the story goes, Coke would settle for minimal amounts just to make the point.

Assuming it's true: if they did not do it, then they would lose their trademark.

...and become exactly the same after some time! That's how every company works after going big...!!! It's the vicious circle of the business world.

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