Twitter launches new look across web and mobile

Twitter has become one of those things that many of us just can’t live without – and one of the most appealing elements of the platform is the ability to use it through so many different channels, from deep OS integration to third party apps, and of course, the official Twitter website and mobile applications.

Today, Twitter is relaunching its official access hubs – web, mobile and apps – with a new look that aims to refocus all Twitter activity around four key zones: Home, Connect, Discover, and Me. The update will bring better integration between its web presence and its app features, while also aiming to hold on to users who might otherwise be tempted to use third-party means to access its services. 

Calling the new interface “a faster, simpler way to stay close to everything you care about”, the new Twitter is being launched under the tagline “yours to discover”.


This is the top-level view where you can see tweets from people you’re following, along with the familiar Twitter stats, suggestions for who to follow and trends. Essentially, this is an updated version of the existing default Twitter website view, but flipped, with the timeline now on the right.

Photos and videos are embedded directly in tweets, adding to the ‘at a glance’ aspect of the home view.


This zone is dedicated to what Twitter calls “the conversation”. Here, you can see who’s followed you, who’s mentioned you, or who’s retweeted or favorited any of your tweets.


“Simplicity meets serendipity” is how Twitter describes this section, which aims to provide a stream of useful information or enjoyable media that are customized to your needs and preferences. Results change depending on your current location, whom you’re following and what’s happening in your ‘conversation’. The idea is that the more you use Twitter, the better these results will be customized to your tastes.


As you've probably guessed, this is all about you, and how you introduce and present yourself to the world. People can view your tweets, see who you’re following and who’s following you, check out your photos, and direct message you.


The ‘new tweet’ button gets a feathery quill-like makeover (superimposed at bottom-left of the image above), but other than that, tweeting is the same as before, with the usual features, such as hashtags and adding your location. 


Twitter will begin rolling the new look out to its website today (don’t panic if you don’t see it immediately; you’ll get it soon enough).

However, Android and Apple iPhone users can get the new look apps right now:

Twitter is currently working on versions for other platforms and devices, including one for the iPad; further info on this will be made available through the Twitter Blog.

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Anyone know how to get the new look? :T doesn't work when I get the twitter app.. anyway the new app looks pretty sweet

Looks awesome, only I find the Dashboard|Stream layout odd.
So I fixed it.

.dashboard {float: right; margin-left: 10px; }

This swaps it to Stream|Dashboard like it used to be. Much more natural. Just add this via Minimalist Everything or however you techy people do it

Hmm, says to install the new app and the website will update but it isn't working for me! I can't wait for this update!

Any news about twitter for WP7? Will the app be the same or will it get an update as well. I really like the look of the site though, the current one is OK but twitter has so much potential.

splur said,
Yours to discover? Ahem.
Are you seriously trying to suggest that the Ontario tourism board is the first and only body to have used that term? The term is as generic as they come.

theyarecomingforyou said,
Are you seriously trying to suggest that the Ontario tourism board is the first and only body to have used that term? The term is as generic as they come.

On the contrary, the Ontario government could use this to their advantage.

Our premier seems to be okay with it:

I can see where they are going but I'm not a huge fan of it. I suppose I can get used to it. They need to stop changing formats so quickly.

Edited by hagjohn, Dec 8 2011, 11:11pm :

Personally i dont like the new TweetDeck update might be a time to change to something else i think...

No word on WP7 update app?

Figures they would not release something for the Windows Phone or would require you to have an iOS or Android device to view it now. Makes sense even though Bing just renewed a search deal with them and declined Google's application for a search deal. lol

xchaser said,
Yea I am still seeing the old page. Anyone knows how to force the new page?

Download and sign into either the Android/iOS app to get early access.

Neobond said,
Twitter for iPhone app is impressive

wouldn't say same about android version. they just ported iphone app and killed much nicer android app.

Not a big fan of the iOS UI as it now takes more steps to reply, view DM, and i cant find the translate option.

rather nice looking indeed, however, i have to say that i rarely actually use the web interface for the service and do not use any of the official mobile apps I tend to stick with Tweetdeck on whichever platform i am using (even though tweetdeck is now owned by Twitter)