Twitter removes copyright infringing avatars of FIFA World Cup fans

Twitter has responded to FIFA's complaint regarding users having official images related to the World Cup such as the logo as their avatars, by deleting such images.

FIFA approached Twitter with a Digital Millenium Copyright Act takedown notice for user avatars in order to prevent damage to the World Cup marketing program. It is generally observed that sports fans use the logos of their favorite teams or sports events as avatars on various social networks to show their support. However, FIFA strictly forbids the use of their brand and logos in such a way, fearing damage to the organization. One such account which was mentioned in FIFA's request is @FIFA2014s which used to have used the World Cup logo in its avatar.

FIFA issued an official statement which says, “Any unauthorized use of the Official Marks not only undermines the integrity of the FIFA World Cup™ and its marketing program, but also puts the interests of the worldwide football community at stake,” The organization believes that followers of a page or profile using such images may be led to believe that FIFA is associated with them and could damage reputation.

Twitter has reportedly honored FIFA's request and replaced the infringing content with the "egg" images used for new accounts.

Source: Torrentfreak | Image via FIFA

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I think the hurting of FIFA was already evident during whichever game it was that decided to show Blatter on the big screen, and the entire crowed just booed him.

on an off topic, this has been the worst world cup ever

the major teams are barely playing, always slacking and they still win, while the minor teams, like asian and african teams put their heart into the game and lost

and thats because everything was arranged before the games were even played

Again, as with the heavy-handed tactics employed by the IOC and the Olympics, FIFA does have to defend its World Cup™ trademarks.

It's a FIFA logo, so it proportions 'foot-sport' with 'grasping' in the appropriate ratio. It also encapsulates the 'woops, didn't see that, play on Brazil' referring ethos beautifully, don't cha think?

I can understand FIFA's view, but from someone that couldn't care less about "the beautiful game" I find that they're working towards more damage - whether that be PR or supporter wise - compared to the people that support them.

Then again, I dislike football - FIFA especially - so if they feel like shooting themselves in the foot, go for it.

And then there would have to be more rowing, less kicking/running/shin-gripping pantomime.

Hmmm - Rowing = sitting-down sport - come on En-ger-land!

This years football is more sitting-down sport than rowing already. Escpecially by the Spanic teams. Its a freaking joke and they should start doing something about it, it ruins the game if you ask me.

As Deyirn notes below, it's a giant performance piece in three acts. The application-for and awarding-of match-changing spot-kicks is what keeps it on-script. An ugly war of attrition where we know what will happen - like the first act of "Saving Private Ryan". Not sure Neymar was in the script tho.

so... now an individual promoting it for FREE hurts them? yeah by hurts them, they mean they didn't pay to use their branding...

So its ok for FIFA and its shameless executives to take millions in bribes and award Qatar the world cup but having people show their support for their teams could be damaging.

Yeah right...morons :rolleyes:

What idiots, how does free promotion of the world cause them any damage what so ever? Whoever thought that was worth the effort connecting twitter to remove the images is a moron.

This person would have been an intellectual property lawyer who specialises in online IP usage. Hardly a moron. Disagree all you want but part of having a trademark is the LEGAL RESPONSIBILITY to protect its usage.

Sure Nik, but its kind of free advertising dont you think? There are more surpressing matters this year (like the refs) than this imo.

Chicane-UK said,
Ridiculous. This sort of crap only serves to harm the sports, not protect them.

Yeah, same happens to Formula 1 - deletes everything, while Youtube is flooded with full Indycar races.

coth said,

Yeah, same happens to Formula 1 - deletes everything, while Youtube is flooded with full Indycar races.

F1 was precisely what I had in mind when I made my comment! :)

webeagle12 said,
I think Brazil already done more than enough damage to FIFA.

Please, enlighten us with the facts behind your brilliant and sound argument.