Ubisoft to expand Quebec operations, create 1,000 more jobs

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Worldwide video game producer and distributor Ubisoft is expanding its Quebec operations. The plan is to increase from the current 1,600 employees in Quebec to 3,000 employees by investing an additional $451 million over the next six years. Ubisoft wants another 1,000 jobs for 2005-2010 than the gaming company previously forecast. About 500 people would be hired to create new video games, while the other half would work at a new production centre that would make short films based on Ubisoft brands. Ubisoft has offices in 21 countries and sales in more than 50 countries around the globe.

"In 1997 Ubisoft made the decision to wager on Quebec's immense creative potential. Today, we are pursuing our strategy centred on innovation by increasing investments in our creative teams based in Quebec. Video game production has progressively moved closer and closer to film and television production and this convergence will only intensify in the coming years," said chief executive officer Yves Guillemot.

News source: The Globe and Mail

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The "Canadian" taxpayer is on the hook for 8Mil for "Quebec's interest" as you put it so well.

It's the "Canadian living in Quebec" that's on the hook for the full 27Mil.

Now compare that amount to the one we're spending for Boeing for those planes, and most of that goes elsewhere but the Aerospace-region of Montreal.

What else do you want to do, give more money to Alberta? For what? Give their roads a gold-plating coat?

I live in Alberta, I can assure you we have just as many potholes here as anywhere else :eek:

And no, I just think that we should be paying less in taxes for the creation of jobs in the 'have-not' provinces, especially when it's likely that a lot of it is politically- motivated vote buying. A guarantee of money from the Quebec provincial government still means money that I paid into taxes, given that we pay into the Equalization Framework more than we get from it. I can assure you that there's no $7/ day daycare nor 30 hour workweeks here; someone's paying for that- the Canadian taxpayer.

And has everyone forgotten the national debt? Why can't we work towards paying that down more? It's over half a trillion dollars! http://www40.statcan.ca/l01/cst01/govt03a.htm

Have a good day,


Um, no.

453M$ investment is the total amount (Ubi + Government). No government, aside from Alberta, can affort such a massive investment in a single company. Half a billion is still big money in Canada.

Quebec = 19M$
Ottawa = 8M$

27M$ for a 426M$ investment from Ubisoft is a drop in the bucket (453 - 27).

Read the damn news before spewing out nonsense.

Yes, it warrants noting that the Canadian taxpayer is on the hook again to the tune of $453 MILLION to help create jobs in Quebec- what else is new?

you poor soul,

it's not because you don't have talented people in your province that you should spit on Québec like that. If your not happy, let us go, alright. Ubisoft is already well implemented in Québec, just like a tons of other games and post-production firms. Yes, maybe a reason is because we are still the cheap labor, white-<< racial epithet >>s of north america, but it's also because we have hordes of talented and efficient artists and technicians, just as good or better than the one in Hollywood, that make games and movies for your fat belly at a cheap salary. Hey, if even after the pirate film scandal, Hollywood is keeping the jobs in Montreal, it's a damn good indication that people here knows how to do their job.

Setting things straight,... On TVA, yesterday Ubisoft's spokesman and Jean Charest prime mminister of Quebec said it was :
-1000 new job by year 2013
-453$ CND investment