UK Games Chart Dominated by PS3

While attachment rates in Asia and American were dismally low, salvation has been found in the UK, with PS3 launch titles littering the UK Top 20 this week. Sony exclusives Resistance: Fall of Man, and MotorStorm entered the chart at 1 and 2 respectively, while Formula 1, Ridge Racer, Genghi and Virtua Fighter 5 also made it into the top 20. It wasn't until after Christmas, with the release of Virtua Fighter 5 in Japan that the PS3 made a dent into the charts, but the release in the UK has already gone a long way to recover the diminishing image of Sony's PS3.

Activision's Call of Duty 3 saw a boost from new format sales – jumping from number 20 to number five, while Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories still managed to perform well at a budget price, sitting at number six in the charts and beating the PS3-exclusive Formula 1: Championship Edition at number seven. Overall, four Sony first party titles appeared in the top 20.

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Kushan said,
Anyone find it funny that the territory Sony neglected the most is doing the best?

i think it is pretty interesting. reduced hardware, inflated price, and a mega-delay - and so far its looking GOOD for them there.

Looks like Blu-ray will be pulling in a lot more numbers with this as well, possibly.

I just found this GameFAQs poll from yesterday too. Bluray's comin' in through PS3 sales and holding ground. Not to mention I've seen hundreds of Blu-ray ads on TV with only a couple HDDVD ads. If HDDVD wants to get serious, they've got some work to do. :X

This news is pretty obvious really. This is purely because of the high number of sales of consoles in the first few days to all the Sony fans rushing out to buy one on day 1. No-one is going to buy a console and not buy any new games are they, and they are obviously going to buy the games with the better reputation (I've heard R:FoM and MotorStorm are quite good). Let's wait and see what happens in a month or two when all the Sony fans have their consoles already and the charts return to their "average joe" statistics.

I can tell you what that will be already, the latest Sims expansion, Fifa 2007 Special Wayne Rooney Edition 3, and Sudoku 4. Then you will definitely be complaining :D

As I said in the article, the PS3 didn't make any dent in the Japanese charts when it was released. I think it was the same for North America.