UK Android users get Google Maps Navigation [Updated]

According to Engadget and their sources, Google has unleashed their free turn-by-turn navigation upon the chums of England. Previously only available to the fortunate members of the United States, Google Maps Navigation provides accurate, real-time, GPS navigation to users running Android 1.6 and above.

Google released free turn-by-turn navigation to the US back in October of 2009. Unlike other navigation programs, Google's does not store maps locally on the device. Instead, it relies on an Internet connection to stream the latest and most up-to-date maps and traffic information. Should your connection drop, Google caches your route to keep you from getting lost.

To give Google Maps Navigation a try, visit the Android Market and download the latest version of Maps.

UPDATE: Google has officially posted the news on the Google Mobile Blog. Ireland has also been included into the mix.

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That's odd. I went and looked on the Market, and there was no update for Google Maps. Went into the Maps, and there was Navigation. I don't recall installing it myself, so how did it get there?

HTC Desire

Shame Orange UK users are still stuck on 1.5 (unless you are smart and rooted your phone and installed a custom ROM with 2.1, which turn by turn has been available for a while) however the official Orange UK 2.1 update really can't come quick enough, the custom ROMS are ok but to many bugs and force close on HTC apps