UK News: Pipex for sale

The UK's independent ISP market just keeps on shrinking, with Pipex hawking itself around looking for a buyer. Weekend reports said Chairman Peter Dubens has appointed bankers UBS to find a buyer for the firm, however the company itself is refusing to comment. Dubens announced a review of business in January to decide the best way forward.

Pipex confirmed the reports this morning, saying the bankers were examining a number of strategic options, including a possible sale. Pipex shares are down almost two per cent today, but enjoyed a big rally last week. The company has a market cap of £335m and claims over half a million broadband customers. Independent ISPs are struggling to compete with the big brands like Virgin, Sky, and the various mobile companies who offer a bundle of services.
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Customer services couldn't be any worse ... they haven't had a half-decent functioning User Control Panel on their website for atleast a year, it takes atleast 30 minutes to get them on the phone, and billing issues take even longer - 14 days in waiting for why they didn't take my money in the first place and cut my internet off.

Hopefully this nullifies my contract.

Shame, this also includes ISPs that Pipex have bought out such as Nildram, who have always been excellent for business (Nilly've managed to secure the London Olympics hosting contract so this is quite a big buyout when you include all the sub-companies)

its a shame Pipex are going i used them back in the days of dialup access and ADSL. i recomended them to lots of people.

And I bet them people ****ing hate you for it now, Pipex went downhill around a year ago and started screwing all their customers over. :P

Hmm, I wonder if a lot of existing customers are leaving (as I'm currently thinking of doing) over Pipex's cold-shouldering in favour of new customers.

I've waited over a year for my account to be brought into line with the packages offered to new subscribers. They've made promises to address this but failed to deliver, leaving me paying more money for less bandwidth.

This news will only hasten my departure. It's a shame because they've always been super reliable, and their support people were very capable (not that I needed to call them much). They'd even warn you of outages by email a week in advance, even when the outage was only ~10min at 3am.