UK Police Warn Retailers of PS3 Launch Dangers

Demand for Sony's new console is cooling throughout North America and Japan, but European gamers appear to be eager to land the newest PlayStation (priced at £425 or €599) on March 23. Unlike the past PS3 launches, however, retailers are expecting ample supply of consoles. "Interest in PS3 is building the closer we get to launch. Much of our stock is accounted for via pre-orders, which may mean that some of our stores can actually look forward to selling some live stock for a change," said Tim Ellis of HMV.

Retailers were planning for midnight launches, but police have been urging store managers to defer sales until the early morning in the interest of consumer safety. "We do not support these midnight launches, that is the bottom line. There are inherent problems we can't deal with easily," said a spokesperson for Marylebone Police in London. UK retailer GAME has decided to move its midnight opening at its flagship Oxford Street store to 7 a.m. in order to "guarantee gamers have access to public transport so they can easily and safely transport their consoles home in daylight."

HMV is moving the opening of its Oxford Street store to 7:30 a.m. for similar reasons, while 50 other stores in less high-profile areas will maintain their midnight launch schedules. To help make up for the small delay, HMV is teaming up with Sega to offer the first 150 customers purchasing a PS3 a free copy of Virtua Tennis 3. GAME is inviting the first 150 gamers who have pre-ordered the console to the store at 7 a.m. for bacon butties, pastries and coffee and the chance to claim Sony goodie bags. After 9 a.m. the store will be open for all GAME customers.

News source: DailyTech

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Well i am not going to buy the PS3 cuz its to over priced and overated. You got japan and america who payed 200 pound cheaper then the U.K come on guys use your heads put sony out of pocket they have you. I would say dont buy there crap.

its a big deal because the PS3 is worth a lot of money.... the parts inside are worth a lot of money, a thief could give a **** less if its "backwards compatible"

Understandable. Friday night in Liverpool consists of ****ed up chavs causing fights outside of MacD not exactly the place you want to be walking past while carrying a brand new console. Police or no police. If they want that console they would take it.

The police tend to be on display when there is huge crowds in shoping centres. They always have and always will.
Something like this is normal
If it's at night then the police force is already at strech and will not be able to deal with the problems.

Makes sense in urban areas, the average geek is the perfect target for crims - especially if they're carrying 500 quid worth of hardware. The coppers can't be expected to put on extra duties for a console launch - it's not exactly a major event for most people and I can't see game stores paying for them to be there, when they could save the money and open in the morning.

I think what it is they dont want crowds of people standing there laughing and jeering those unfortunate enough to buy a PS3 in UK when its not 100% backwards compatible like the rest of the world and more expensive than the rest of the world (as well as 4+ mths late)

OK the rest of the world is not all backwards compatible from what i have heard, the aussie PS3 is only going to support some old games, and we also don't get it till tomorrow, in fact i think all PAL units are the same, they have only released NTSC. but agree with the first part

lol somehow i doubt that. its not even a popular console and second the bad things only happened in the bad citys that would fire shots for a new pair of socks.

thagame said,
lol somehow i doubt that. its not even a popular console and second the bad things only happened in the bad citys that would fire shots for a new pair of socks.

Not a popular console? you must be emo

First i haev to ask what is emo i keep seeing it everywhere and i know i should just google it but hey i'm lazy. secondly the guy from the first post is right , noone cares, PS3 is crap and over priced. They havent even slod in the US like they have been saying, i have a mate that lives in the US and he says you can get them anywhere and most of the demo units are crashed when you have a look at them. i work with a whole lot of computer nerds and noone is even thinking of buying one. when i actually here anything good about them i may change my mind but all i have heard is bad stuff.

Sony needs to sort their S^&T out