UK retailer Tesco to launch a smartphone later in 2014

Tesco, the huge UK retailer, is planning to launch its own smartphone sometime later this year. The news was first revealed by the BBC in an interview with the company's CEO Philip Clarke.

Clarke made the announcement during an interview with the BBC Radio 5's Wake Up To Money program. He claimed the smartphone would use Google's Android OS and be a high end device along the lines of Samsung's Galaxy S5 but would be aggressively priced. The smartphone would also have a number of pre-installed apps that would connect to Tesco services. Other details about the phone, such as hardware specs and a price tag, have yet to be revealed.

Tesco has already launched a tablet, the Hudl.

Tesco already sells an Android-based 7-inch tablet, the Hudl, which Clarke claims has sold 500,000 units since it launched in late 2013. A revamped version of the tablet, the Hudl 2, will be released in September.

Tesco's plans for a smartphone come after lots of rumors that another big retailer, Amazon, is also planning to launch its own phone later this year.

Source: BBC | Tesco Image via Shutterstock

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Star-Pirate said,
I wonder how there going to manage this one, since they announced massive sales losses for this year, and last year.

But that was due to competition from Aldi in traditional supermarket products. Its tablets have been quite successful.

Everyone is making a phone. I better wait for the McDonalds phone. I hear that one will at least come with free hamburgers and a Ronald McDonald app.

The Hudl is actually a pretty good tablet for the price. It will be interesting to see what kind of phone they come up with.

I dont like it at all. Bought it, and returned it the next day. For the same price I could have bought something better. The camera was also awful, in almost all light conditions, there would be these dark coloured bands on images.

Soldiers33 said,
For the same price I could have bought something better.

If you shop around, better hardware can be hard, but at that price, I doubt you'll get a decent camera.