Under the Microsoft tent at CES

Microsoft watcher Mary Jo Foley has an article recounting her adventures at CES. In particular, what Microsoft is up to this year.

More so than at any CES we've ever been to, Microsoft really seems to have dominated the news with new product releases and updates. Much of this is because of Windows Vista itself but a number of other offerings have come together to really make this CES exciting.

Microsoft Home Server got a lot of attention as well as the new version of Windows Vista Media Center. Microsoft also made news with a "Family Pack" upgrade for Windows Vista Ultimate users of $49.95 (we'll talk more about that soon).

Check out Mary Jo's article on some of the things she saw below.

View: Under the Microsoft tent

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Yeah, i'm really interested in more details on the family pack thing. That would really help Microsoft silence some of their critics on pricing if they had that available.
There are, of course, arguments for why it doesn't make sense for Microsoft (i think Foley addressed some of them). But perception is a major thing.

The Family Pack upgrade sounds extremely nice for multi pc owners. No way would I shell out $259 for four different pcs. I wonder if its $49.95 for each additional upgrade r if its $49.95 for a license up to a certain number of pcs. Didnt Apple offer something like this?