Unofficial Facebook Windows 8 app looks like the real deal

It's been the question that Windows 8 and Windows RT owners have been asking for a while now: "Will there be an official Facebook app?". In the past, Microsoft has directed all these questions to Facebook itself, but Facebook has turned around and said inquiries should be given to Microsoft on this issue.

Today, a new app appeared in the Windows Store that has the title "Facebook" with the official logo of the social networking service. However, when users check the actual listing for this app, they may be disappointed. It's actually from a developer called Pearl Apps LLC. In their description they state, "This is not the official Facebook App. We are not affiliated with Facebook in any way."

The app itself is actually not bad at all; it allows people to look through their Facebook news feed, comment on posts and more. However, the fact is that even with the disclaimer, this app is flat out titled "Facebook" and it is using logos that have been trademarked by that company. There's also the question of why Microsoft would allow this app to be approved for the Windows Store with this title and logo.

We have emailed Facebook to see if they wish to comment on this unofficial Windows 8 app that is using its name and logo. We have also emailed Microsoft to find out why this app passed the Windows Store certification process.

Source: Windows Store | Image via Pearl Apps

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People who complained about the "Spotify" app but defended the fake apps on the Apple and Google Play store, here is your cue to complain about this.

I thought this was official when I saw it at first last night. Then, I saw the screenshots. Horrible. It's amazing how much crap is in the store.

That's exactly my problem with Windows 8. Not the dual interface or other innovations, but the lack of quality apps. Most of the apps can't compete, mostly through lack of features, with the desktop apps. If the quality of the new UI apps is lower than those of the desktop, what is exactly their added value and that of the new UI?

It isn't the only app in the store that uses official names and/or logos in the app itself. I am surprised these "clones" are allowed. Even with a disclaimer people can be confused.

I hate that Microsoft even allows stuff like this through. The name sounds official, and the disclaimer that it is an unofficial app is in the last line of the description, which means it's hidden by the "Read More" button.

They're clearly preying on users who don't know any better. Because of things like this, I couldn't just give my parents a Windows RT device and feel confident about it, because of the risk of being deceived by garbage like this. I mean, my parents might not understand computers too much, but if they go to, they know that Facebook comes up.

Not that I agree with a dodgy app reusing an official trademark in this way, but it's not the job of Microsoft (or Apple, or even Google) to police company's registered trademarks.

For all we know, Facebook could have contracted out the work, however unlikely it may seem.

In other words, it's up to Facebook to file a complaint.

That's true, but the whole idea of it being a Microsoft-curated Store and not just a free-for-all like Win32 is that Microsoft is supposed to be protecting their users. Allowing stuff like this is potentially the opposite of that.

That does look pretty slick, why haven't Microsoft thought about that? Or maybe they have...*insert expectant smiley here*

everything about SL was slick. instead we're stuck with an idiotic unfinished collection of sub par web standards that are decided upon by a group of people that can't agree on anything so they only agree on the lowest common denominator: W3C HTML5 story.

Facebook has changed a fair bit since that time; much would have to be changed and added, even if it couldn't be as complete as the iPad Facebook app. Seven examples off the top of my head, but I would be able to think of many more:

1) All main Facebook apps now have the three consistent icons for friend requests, messages, and notifications.

2) People can now comment on statuses, like comments, and edit comments.

3) People can now give gifts to each other.

4) Pages can now ask Facebook Questions.

5) Personal profiles and Pages now feature the Timeline design.

6) An implementation of Activity Log would be important.

7) People are now able to subscribe to/follow each other, rather than just being able to friend them.

Edited by Calum, Dec 12 2012, 10:54pm :

just installed an update and now the logo screams "unofficial".. very ugly.. so now I can uninstall without fear to miss the progress of a potential official app..

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