Upcoming HTC Windows Phone might launch in Europe too

Here’s some good news for everyone excited about the long-rumored HTC One Windows Phone device. According to some recent certifications it looks like the device will get an international version too.

When it first showed up in the data, HTC’s upcoming Windows Phone looked like it would be a Verizon exclusive. There wasn’t any info to point to an international launch or a more widespread distribution among carriers. But according to the GSM Global Certification Forum the phone may launch in a lot more markets.

While passing through the GSM certification process, we got a glimpse as to what bands and frequencies the phone will support. Besides the Verizon LTE Bands, 4 and 13, the device also supports Band 4 – used by AT&T and other carriers as well as Bands 3 and 7 which are mainly used in Europe.

That points to either an international launch, or at least to an international variant that’s very close to the original. Considering the high hopes that many people have for this device, that’s great news.

And let us remind you that a high-end Windows Phone modeled on the HTC One (M8) is expected to be unveiled on August 19th in New York. We’ll obviously be watching very closely and sharing all the news with you. 

Source: GSM GCF via: WMPU

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My first Windows Phone 7 device was a HTC Trophy - great device, nice metallic construction and I was very happy with it.
So I think HTC must continue releasing Windows Phone devices all over the world.

Hethler said,
I'm also thinking about it since my 6-month old Lumia 1020 got bricked :/

Have you tried Nokia recovery tool? It should be able to fix it...

Cosmocronos said,

Have you tried Nokia recovery tool? It should be able to fix it...

Yep, tried every legit tool out there and went as far by using XDA reco. No luck. It's with Nokia Care now and apparently, it's a hardware problem.

Simultaneous launch will really help drive sales. Something that unfortunately, Nokia, until now hasn't learn and won't do anything about it. By the time their device hit our market, a new flagship phone is being announce which is a shame.

On HTC's part, I recalled they made 8X/8S immediately available here in the Philippines only that it's being overshadowed by Lumia 900 back then.