US files complaint with WTO

US Trade Representative Susan Schwab has announced that the US will file two complaints with the World Trade Organization against China over what Schwab described as "inadequate protection of intellectual-property rights." The complaints cover widespread piracy of US movies, music, and software along with market barriers that make legitimate works more difficult to buy. The recording industry expressed its support for the complaints: "This is a serious, significant, and welcome step by the US government. China has to date failed to institute the types of serious, systemic reforms and measures that would bring real accountability to the marketplace and secure compliance with its international obligations," said RIAA CEO Mitch Bainwol in a statement.

The US had been engaged in bilateral talks with China but with very little results. In May 2006, the government mandated that all computers shipped in China contain only licensed software and said that it planned to begin removing unlicensed software from its own computers. It also passed a new law designed to keep its citizens from uploading copyrighted content to the Internet, mandating fines and/or the confiscation of property for those caught doing so. Nevertheless, as of late 2005, 90% of all software in use in China was pirated according to the Business Software Alliance, and although the situation has improved somewhat, it's still a major problem for the music, movie, and software industries.

News source: Ars Technica

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Since we inport more from China than export this could cause a problem. Besides didnt we (USA) say FU when the Canadians filed and WON a complaint against the USA for poor business practices.

why should anyone listen to what the U.S. is asking the WTO to look into when the U.S. doesn't follow the same trade laws in other industries anyway?

They certainly won't get support if they don't abide by the WTO rules.

The WTO is a joke thats why. It's noting more than the muscle for American corporations

Europe had waived the tariffs on bananas from Jamaica as a gesture for slavery to help their economy. The US on behalf of Dole and Del Monty complained to the WTO that it gave an unfair advantage. They controlled 90% of the banana trade at the time(inspite of the fact that they don't grow a single banana on US soil). The good ol' WTO agreed and ordered England(who were the largest purchasers of Jamaican bananas) to implement tariffs. After that Dole and Del Monty where able to flood the market and all but kill that economy for Jamacia.

I've read about the banana complaints but never knew what happened with the final decision. It's really not fair at all.

The U.S. complained also about the amount of Japanese cars that were being sold in the U.S. and as a result made WTO get Japan to have a quota as to how many american cars they must import.

a major imperialist policy frame of mind they have. As long as they can keep their standard of living screw everyone else who trys to build their own economy.

a major imperialist policy frame of mind they have
Who are you--Yoda? :P

Actually, part of the problem is that Japan has huge tariffs on U.S. exports while the U.S. does not have the same level of restrictions. That ultimately results in some one-sided competition. The U.S. cannot easily add the same restrictions without a negative economic impact. There's a lot more to it and I would urge everyone to read up on the economic issues between U.S. and Japanese trade as it's probably one of the less boring economic topics. At any rate, I'm not saying that any of the arguments raised are invalid, I just wanted to make that point.

And what will the WTO do? Sanctions? Issue a halt on Chinese exports? A ton of goods are made and exported in China. Nothing will change.

Everything has been counterfeited in China, its becoming a main industry, and with 1billion people to sell crap to and minimal wages....people are going to want what they can't afford and go the illegal/fake route to get it.