US hosts a quarter of all phishing sites

Nearly 40 per cent of phishing attacks last month originated from the US or South Korea, according to a report by anti-phishing site PhishTank. The October report found that of the 3,678 phishing sites found during the month, 24 per cent were hosted in the US and 14 per cent in South Korea. India ranked third with eight per cent, and the UK accounted for four per cent.

PayPal and eBay were by far the most popular phishing targets. Fraudulent emails claiming to be from the two sites were used in roughly 67 per cent of all phishing attacks. Barclays Bank was at the centre of a major phishing scam last September, but fell to the third position in October with 321 reported incidents, representing about eight per cent of reported attacks.

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Yeah and while people like the RIAA are suing grannies for downloading the odd MP3, people like this are running rampant.

That and the ones telling you that they have millions upon millions of dollars and need your bank account info to transfer the money before they flee their country.

How is this news? What percentage of the entire internet is hosted in the US & S Korea? I would have thought that more than 90% of all phishing sites are hosted in North America and SE Asia.

Just what I was thinking. I would have to guess that it's a direct relationship between the percentage of phishing sites and the percentage of total websites for the entire internet.