U.S. partners with Google on energy savings plan

A partnership between the Google-founded Climate Savers Computing Initiative and a National Governors Association program has already yielded a commitment from two state governments to buy more energy-efficient computers. The governors of Kansas and Minnesota said that they're willing to spend the required additional US$30 per computer when the states buy their more than 4,000 PCs each year. That's about how much more a computer with special energy saving components costs. The governors said they expect to pay off that additional investment quickly and possibly save even more through reduced energy costs.

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Energy Efficiency doesn't work, I saved £1000 pounds on my heating bills last year so I booked another holiday and got a plasma TV

/sarcastic, but true.

So you got an extra holiday and TV, yet still spent the same amount of money, sounds to me like efficiency worked very well for you indeed.

winmoose said,
So you got an extra holiday and TV, yet still spent the same amount of money, sounds to me like efficiency worked very well for you indeed.

But not for the enviroment, the point being people don't save energy they just use the money to buy more electrical goods, flights etc.

The money could be spent on anything. Anyway, what they don't tell you is that the price of gas/electricity will rise, so ultimately your bills will remain the same, but you will be using less energy. Unfortunately the "savings" will belong to the electricity companies in the long run.

if google REALLY wanted to save energy, they'd change their homepage from being all white :cheeky:

the problem with these initiatives is that company's arn't willing to spend millions and millions to really get this going. sure, they'll change little by little over the next 5 years but nothing big will actually come of this

energy efficient != good buisness

American corporations are just making more money off it then they're investing doing something about it, it's encircled the minds of the weak.

Google founded the Initiative. They aren't the only member.

Quote - The article
Google and Intel, along with 25 other organizations including Dell, HP, IBM and Lenovo, introduced the Climate Savers Computing Initiative in June. They've set a schedule for computer manufacturers to use increasingly efficient power supplies and other components in order to prevent wasted energy in computers.

The program grew out of Google's internal experiences building servers for its data centers, Weihl said. In the future, Google expects to share even more lessons it has learned in more efficiently running its data centers, he said.

so they are in contact with Dell, HP, etc.

This is really getting stupid. If they want to provoke change in people to take notice of the things around them, then they need something or someone influential on the matter who's got a perpetual meaning proof and reasoning influence on the matter that will give people the want to change if there truly is even any reason to!. All this American government funded, pessimistic, hypocritical, patriotic and bureaucratic scientific propaganda crap and media fueled garbage they feed the world just getting mind numbingly stupid and not accomplishing anything.

markjensen said,
Yeah, you are right.

Buying more energy-efficient equipment, and implementing energy saving policies is a bad idea.

The conceptual ideals, yes