[US] Wal-Mart details Black Friday deals

Black Friday, the Friday after American Thanksgiving, begins the traditional Christmas shopping season. In recent years, the unofficial holiday has been one of the busiest retail shopping days of the year with many of the larger retailers opening their doors as early as midnight on the start of Black Friday.

This year, Wal-Mart, the world's largest retailer, is boasting many solid electronic deals in hopes of drawing many consumers into the store.

The following are some of the key offerings, courtesy of Destructoid.

Gaming hardware:

  • Nintendo DS Lite - $98
  • PS3 Slim + Batman: Arkam Asylum, inFamous, and Dark Knight (movie) - $299
  • Xbox 360 Arcade + Madagascar 2 game and movie - $199
  • Nintendo Wii Console w/ Wii Sports Resort (walmart.com only) - under $300

Video games:

  • Rock Band Special Edition (PS3 or Xbox 360) - $50
  • Midnight Club LA - $10
  • Grand Theft Auto IV - $10
  • The Godfather (PS3) - $10
  • NFS: Undercover (PS3) - $10
  • Command and Conquer: Red alert 3 (360) - $7

At Walmart.com, starting Thanksgiving:

  • Philips Noise Canceling Headphones – under $20
  • Sanyo 8-MP digital camera – under $60
  • Garmin Nuvi 205 GPS – under $100
  • RCA 42" LCD HDTV (42" diagonal viewing area) – under $600

In store, starting Friday:

  • Emerson 32-inch LCD HDTV (31.5" diagonal viewing area) for $248
  • 42-inch Plasma (42.3" diagonal viewing area) for $448
  • HP Laptop Computer 3 GB memory, 250 GB hard drive – $298
  • Magnavox Blu-ray Disc Player – $78
  • Sony Bravia 40-inch LCD HDTV (40" diagonal viewing area) – $598
  • Sony Blu-ray Disc Player, Model BDP-S360 – $118
  • $9 DVD movies, with titles including Star Trek and GI Joe

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That Sony Bravia looks sweet but i would have to get more details, i would love to pick one up tho! Might have to settle for a 32" one or something.

This bluray is very good :

Sony Blu-ray Disc Player, Model BDP-S360 – $118

Bargain! If only the prices were like this in the UK.

sure is a nice price i really begin to wonder how New Zealand retailers can get away with charding $599.95nzd for it if it's that cheap in the US

Not only the horror stories but every news outlet in the US will treat black friday as if it is the first time it's ever happened and clips of the tired over turkied masses at midnight door busters will play relentlessly from 12:01am until the following monday all trying to get the first verified numbers of how this retail season compares to the previous...blah blah blah
Makes you wonder how many IT staffers at banks and credit card companies are going to be anxiously waiting for the spike in traffic :-P

este said,
I await seeing Wal-Mart horror stories on the news this upcoming weekend.

Yeah someone always gets trampled or killed in a fight. Sigh..

Gabe3 said,
I wonder how "under" the $100 Garmin Nuvi 205 GPS is going to be, because its on amazon now for $105.

TomTom 125-se will be Z$59
TomTom xl325-se will me $89

(i have the add already

Shadrack said,
people go absolute ape **** on black friday. you can find just as good deals year round if you keep your eye out.

Received a 205W for my birthday last year. I believe my dad snagged it from Target when they had it discounted for $100. I see no reason why you'd stand outside w/o a shower when you can sit at your computer and get the same deals.

I want GTA4 for $10, but I'll be damned if i'm anywhere near a wal-mart on black friday cause I enjoy my continued breathing. I just hope some online presence matches that price.

Someone should make a horror movie based on real life experiences of shopping at Walmart on Black Friday. Hopefully no one will be trampled to death this year...unreal levels of self serving greed right there.

edit: nice deals though

Let your fingers do the walking through the internet. . .no better way to shop, albeit you like to be run over by herds of ugly shoppers.

I was being dead serious, no sarcasm. There was a HP laptop mentioned in the story above, so why not the Emachine. And as for brand name, it's a laptop, not a netbook, for $198... That's BF price hot and at that price, brand name is pretty much not relevant. Best Buy is also going to have a cheap laptop for like $197, it's not a Emachine, if the brand name is of any issue to you...