VAIO returns independently after Sony sale with new laptops

The newly-founded VAIO Corporation launched two new laptops, the Pro and Fit, earlier today as the company formally came into existence. The laptops are currently only available for purchase in Japan. Sony sold the brand they had formed earlier this year to an investment fund to enable themselves to concentrate on the more profitable smartphone and tablet sectors, retaining just 5% of VAIO.

The Pro is an 11.6-inch or 13.3-inch ultrabook with Intel Haswell Core i3, i5 or i7 processor options and 4GB or 8GB of RAM. Both laptops have 1920x1080 resolutions and are 17.2mm at their thickest point meaning they should be easy to carry around. The laptops have either a 128Gb, 256Gb or 512Gb SATA 3 SSD for storage and Intel HD Graphics 4400. The smaller model costs 120,000 yen, around $1180, with the larger 13-inch model priced at 130,000 yen or $1280. These are evidently high-end machines.

The Fit, at 100,000 yen, around $984, has a 15.5-inch 1920x1080 or 1366x768 display with the same choice of processors as found on the Pro. It has a 500GB hard drive and is equipped with an Ethernet port and optical drive - things that the ultra slim and stylish Pro abandons. The Fit, ironically, is anything but fit at 26.1mm thick.

Both laptops look very similar to VAIOs built under Sony management. The only real difference is the lack of any Sony branding but on many existing VAIO devices not much is visible anyway. The fledgling company has not said if or when it will expand out of Japan. Presumably, its fate lies with these early devices to see if it can escape the fate foreshadowed for it by Sony.

Source: VAIO via The Verge

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these are just the same machines that sony used to sell right... but with sony not written on them any more?

i nearly bought a vaio pro in september... and this looks identical

My latest machines was Dell Poweredge (a brick but indestructible, in fact it's still alive), Macbook Pro (a crap!), A Vaio (i loved it) and now a Samsung Chronos 7.

Vaio is cool but their bundle stinks! And it is a pain to install the drivers, it should be installed in order otherwise, something could be broken (for example the volume & brightness).

Edited by Brony, Jul 1 2014, 8:52pm :

I love their design, the Pro seems to have a build quality similar to a Macbook. Too bad they are so expensive compared to other PCs.

While I agree the price is expensive, you have to also remember you're paying a premium for a premium device.

Alex Posey said,
I love their design, the Pro seems to have a build quality similar to a Macbook. Too bad they are so expensive compared to other PCs.

Design comes at a price.

the pro has a very flexible keyboard and screen back... it's mad to flex in a bag and not break... but is very strange to use.

looks slick though :)

They're gorgeous. I think breaking from Sony is going to be one of the best thing that happened to the Vaio brand.