Valve delays Steam Machines launch until sometime in 2015

Valve's plans to push forward a new platform for PC gaming will have to wait a bit longer. The company has announced that its plans, and those of its OEM partners, to launch a number of Steam Machines using Valve's SteamOS has been delayed from a fall 2014 time frame until sometime in 2015.

In a post on the Steam Community forums, Valve indicated that the delay was due to the need to make improvements to its Steam Controller, which will be bundled with every Steam Machine. It added:

Obviously we're just as eager as you are to get a Steam Machine in your hands. But our number one priority is making sure that when you do, you'll be getting the best gaming experience possible. We hope you'll be patient with us while we get there.

Valve gave the first concrete details about their SteamOS and Steam Machine plans in September, along with the first design for the Steam Controller, with touchpads replacing the normal analog sticks and a touchscreen display in the middle. Later, Valve redesigned the Steam Controller that ditched the touchscreen. In January, the company announced 14 third party OEMs would launch Steam Machine PCs with SteamOS and Steam Controllers.

Source: Steam Community | Image via Origin PC

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Bamsebjørn said,
But in-home streaming works flawlessly for most AAA games and I do own a lot of them.
I've tested Skyrim, Assasins Creed 3 and 4, Tomb Raider, Thief, Crysis 2... all of them stream to my netbook that isn't supposed to run anything above Elder Scrolls 4.

Guess I'm at a loss as to why you would need a Steam machine then...

No, I don't need a whole new PC to connect a laptop to a small TV set.
- First of all, I don't need a new PC, I'd like one.
- Secondly, I don't like the hassle with cables.
- Numéro trois: Netbook doesn't have HDMI output, VGA input on tv has no audio.
- IV. A small TV is only small if you're sitting far away from your screen. My home is small, the couch is close to the TV.

alwaysonacoffebreak said,
That's exactly the thing. You can have over 500 games but barely a handful will work on SteamOS. If, of course, you haven't only paid for games that also work on linux. Mostly none of the AAA games, as of right now, won't work on it.

Hum i have only 40 games and there's around 10 of them avalaible on Linux. If someone owns 500 there must be more than a handful avalaible for Linux.

I think you are not wrong there. There cant be a better marketing hype than having HL3 exclusive on Steam Machines at least for a couple of weeks/month

jasondefaoite said,
HL3 the first game to require Steam OS to play? Hence the delay :p

Would hope they're not that shortsighted. The unit itself is already going to be in a very uphill battle to get any traction.. it's a niche product at best for PC gamers, the majority of console gamers aren't going to care. Requiring a different OS than what the overwhelming majority of the world is running just to play one game isn't going to do their sales any favors either... HL2 required Steam, it didn't require their customers to ditch everything they owned to install it.. their own hardware survey page would show them why that would be a financial disaster.

jasondefaoite said,
HL3 the first game to require Steam OS to play? Hence the delay :p
Nope. Valve has stated categorically that Half-Life 3 WON'T be a SteamOS exclusive. However, it may be bundled free with Steam Machines as an incentive.

It was obvious there was a rush to announce something during the next gen console hype and they knew full well they'd never get it ready in time.

torrentthief said,
I'm thinking this is merely a cover for the fact that AMD linux gpu drivers are still very poor.

Or that there is nothing worth playing on linux ;) maybe not as many devs are as eager as they figured they would be. Who would want to develop a linux game anyway, the market would be stupidly small waste of funds just make the windows/mac game better.

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