Vegas BBQ - Burn, PC, Burn

Picture a beautiful sunset over the desert, the glow of the Vegas skyline in the distance. Then a towering wave of flames leap into the air that crackles with the heat -- a man just set his computer on fire. And I'm not talking about a little fire. This was a 1,700-degree blaze that engulfed ioSafe's network attached storage device with four hard drives inside.

Come on... How many of us have had violent fantasies about setting our computers ablaze at one time or another? Well, this wasn't one of those situations, but it sure was a heck of a lot of fun to watch. And what was more interesting was that once they put the fire out and cooled the box down a bit, the ioSafe guys were able to retrieve the data that was on the hard drives inside. No, seriously. I'm not even kidding. They put the hard drives in a new machine, fired them up (pun intended), and pulled up the information. Good as new.

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News source: InformationWeek

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How many of us have had violent fantasies about setting our computers ablaze at one time or another?

When I used Windows, all the time. Since I've moved to a Mac ... not so much, if at all.

I used to have a roommate who not only had violent fantasies, he actually lived them out ... let's just say I was the victim of keyboard shrapnel.

SimplyPotatoes said,
Inaccurate fire melts steal.

Your inaccurate at some anything less 2000°F will on cuase the steel to wrap and just so you know the melting point of steel around 2500°F or higher depend on grade of steel it is.

SimplyPotatoes said,
Inaccurate fire melts steal.

GAH! My mind! In the absence of punctuation and proper spelling, your sentence as formed some kind of mutant brain-destroying series of words with little meaning!

Looks like you could use a visit from the friendly Mr. Period. (Warning: explicit language)

This is just a pun post for all you out there with hard drive coolers. I respectfully disagree that cooling a drive makes it last longer. For years I've been shredding my info instead of just hitting delete and it puts a strain on the machine, but I think it puts more strain on the cpu than the drive.

I don't quite get where you're coming from with the cooling bit, but I can tell you this:

Shredding your files overwrites them with random data several times before overwriting them with '0's and flagging the space as avaliable. Normal deleting just flags the space as avaliable so nothing is actually deleted. Generating random data is an extremely easy task for the CPU. Writing it to the hard drive isn't. Writing random data to the disk several times involves the drive spinning up and down several times, and the head moving all over the place, as your data is not likely stored in sequential parts, but instead fragemented all over the drive (unless you defrag before every shred, but I doubt it). I guarantee this is much more taxing on your hard drive than it is on your CPU.

Think about it, please?

I'm not sure I really get what this R4 thing it a computer or just a gigantic, fireproof HDD enclosure?
Pretty cool would be fun :cheeky: