Verizon Wireless to Spend $6 billion on Network Upgrade

Verizon Wireless Incorporated will get an increase in coverage and capacity of its existing CDMA2000 (Code Division Multiple Access) EV-DO (Evolution-Data Optimized) Revision A broadband data network through a new three-year contract with Alcatel-Lucent SA that is expected to be worth US$6 billion. In addition, Alcatel-Lucent will also supply technology to enable VOIP and video telephony services. The network update, part of Verizon Wireless' transition to an all-IP network, will also support other new multimedia services that combine voice, data and video. Some existing Alcatel-Lucent switches and routers used by Verizon will be upgraded and Verizon will also use other products from the vendor including digital microwave radios, optical cross-connects and bandwidth management devices. Alcatel-Lucent will also provide network support services as part of the contract.

News source: PC World

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For all you technology buffs, go check out 'angel project'

iirc .. it's been soooo long, it was actually named "Project Angel" though commonly flipped.

Another project where $$ invested went to waste, as lots of the equipment was removed from the sites prior to deals
being made with others to buy & use it, so it sat (& rotted) in AWS boneyards.

Too late. After months of having zero signal in my home and after several promises stating upgrades are eminent I switched to Cingular. Now I enjoy good GPRS/EDGE coverage at home (rural area) and 3G (UMTS) coverage in the Fresno/Clovis area. I get 1Mbit using my phone as a modem via bluethooth on my laptop. Very Nice. Screw Verizon!

I can stand in the ocean on the coast of Oregon with my Verizon Wireless service and talk to people with full signal. Not many can say they get that kind of coverage. I have been across the country with no issues as well. Every carrier has their hot spots and cold spots, even Cingular/AT&T.

oh no! lol Lucent got involved. Lucent + 3G is a bad idea. and they need rev A. because the way verizon sees Rev. A coming down is to enhance Voice + Data and make them work simultaneoustly until now voice and data have been on the same channel and its either one or the other unlike at&t Cingular or whatever the hell they want to call themselves, they are data >< and then Voice >< so seperate channels mean you can text while you are on the fone. or browse teh web at the same time as a phone call

Here is a blurb from about EVDO's future:

While most folks are just getting over the Rev A novelty, it looks like Qualcomm is already prepared to take things to the next level, as it has developed a new chipset that reportedly delivers "9.3Mbps data transfers in field testing." The MSM7850 is being touted as the "industry's first device solution for EV-DO Rev B," hopefully enabling more of those mobile streaming niceties that we all adore. Additionally, Qualcomm stated that there wouldn't be a need for "infrastructure hardware changes" in order to take advantage of the Rev B sweetness, and the chipset itself would be "fully backwards compatible." As for the firm's CSM6800, a "software solution" will purportedly be available by the month's end which will enable "multi-carrier EV-DO Rev B support." Unfortunately, there wasn't a lot of detail surrounding hard dates beyond that, but we can expect the outfit's Rev B-capable MSM7850 to hit testing / sampling later this year, after which the countdown to EV-DO Rev C can officially begin.

LOL. I love the media.
I've been working on this for almost a month now and it's just now hitting the news.

FYI- A lot of what they're doing right now is 'license protection'. Extended EVDO (Rev. A and/or B) will be limited based on consumer market usage. Full REVx service will roll out within 3-6 months in most metropolitan areas and coverage will be expanded into other areas dependent on market demand.

Wi-Max is considered a 4G technology (depending on who you talk to) but is loosely based on the GTE Wireless (prior to becoming Verizon) Angel Project and AT&T Fixed Wireless (ever heard that before?) developed over 4 years ago. For all you technology buffs, go check out 'angel project' and 'fixed wireless' and maybe have fun and throw in 'wcs' into your search terms.

And if you didn't know it, T-Mobile is expanding coverage in the Monterey Bay, San Luis Obispo County area of California as well as around San Francisco. And Metro PCS is starting a project expanding coverage into Los Angeles, California as well. Verizon is also expanding EVDO into Santa Barbara, Ventura, and other local counties.

I spoke to a Verizon Data Rep a few weeks ago and there are different versions of EVDO. Newer technology, different name like EVDOa b and c or something in those lines and speed increase. I have not researched. I know i'm just waiting for it to come to here! My PocketPC is SLOW syncing corp email. sucks

Can't these companies just install WiMAX or similar on thier millions of cell towers rather than limited bandwidth EV-DO stuff? 6 billion dollars for what like 3mbits? Need to spend that money on someting a little more robust for the future IMO. Don't know too much about the capabilities of EV-DO, so please correct me if I'm wrong.

I think they are worried a bit more on the over all picture then maximizing people's download capability. Also while 6 billion is a huge number for most people, it really is nothing and a bargain considering the sheer number of tower sites. I mean the greater SF-Bay area has approx 1,000-1,500 tower sites alone (only one I know off the top of my head)