VIA merges chipset division under CPU, says paper

VIA Technologies merged its PC chipset division under that of CPUs in the fourth quarter of last year. Going forward the division will mainly focus on supporting the company's own-brand CPU platforms and will slowly phase out of the third-party chipset market, according a Chinese-language Apply Daily report citing sources at the company.

The company will still provide support from AMD platforms while continuing the support older Intel products that are not impacted by patent issues, the paper noted.

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Honestly, it seemed like VIA gave up.

Their last serious effort at an enthusiast-interest chipset was K8T890.

I don't even think they do a full-scale PCI-E chipset for LGA775.

I don't like nVidia's chipsets; if VIA had been an option, I'd have considered it, but their selections were things like "PCI-E x 4 only, barely supports FSB1066 processors"

VIA made great CPUs for certain applications such as small, quiet office systems. I build a few systems with their C3 processors, they ran so cool they didn't even need a fan. Office type programs and the internet worked perfectly fine on them. But you know how it is, if it can't play Halo 3 at 600fps you hear crap like "OMG VIA SUXORS!"

OK. NO. I have a C2D system on a VIA chipset, gig of DDR-400, and a 6600 AGP 256 meg card. It ran like crap. I took the 6600 out of that computer and put it in my MSI 865 MB, gig of DDR-400 and a P4 D 915... it runs SO much better than the VIA with the Core 2 E6300. The older VIA chipsets were OK paired with a AMD CPU, but Intel... not so much.

Well I haven't used them that recently, the systems I build were VIA C3 900MHz which was quite a few years ago. People said the same thing then though and at the time they held up just fine for what they were used for. Made great multimedia PCs too since they were so quiet. I'm sure they can't compete with a Core 2 system but are they really meant too?

Sorry, let me explain. My Core2 system with a VIA chipset is SLOWER than my aging Intel 865 with a P4 D 915 @2.8Ghz... same RAM... same GPU... and the Core2 setup even has 2 drives in RAID 0. It's sad.

Have to agree. Runs perfectly fine for everyday computing. My wife's computer powered by Via, has been running perfectly fine for several years.

Just got one of those cheap Windows Vista Home Basic Everex systems - $278, from Walmart, just before X-mas. Removed Vista and installed XP Pro and Blag Linux. Runs great!! Kids computer mainly.

Definitely a quiet son of a gun!!

not just their chipsets, but their CPUs, USB controllers, IDE/SATA controllers, audio, graphics... hmm that's most of their products :P