Via to Supply Processors, Chipsets to HP

Via Technologies, a struggling Taiwan developer of central processing units and core-logic sets, has inked a contract with HP under which the semiconductor company will supply its C7-D CPUs and supporting chipsets to HP for a commercial PC targeting Chinese market. Given that China is currently ranked as the world's second largest market for personal computers, Via's design win may turn out to be very significantly for the company, whose sales has remained at relatively low level in the past five years.

HP Compaq dx2020 is based on Via C7-D 1.50GHz desktop processor and Via CN700 chipset. The systems (OS and prices for which are currently unknown) may be equipped with up to 1GB of single-channel DDR2 memory, up to 160GB Serial ATA-300 hard disk drive and other components vital for computer's functionality. Since Via's C7-D processor consumes maximum of 20W of power and due to low power consumption of Via CN700 core-logic that also includes built-in graphics core, the Compaq dx2020 system may be considered as an example of environmentally friendly personal computer, according to Via.

News source: Xbit Laboratories

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It has VIA UniChrome Pro graphics subsystem, which is quite fine considering the price and power consuption. The system is great for everything, except DirectX 10.

@kyro: So what? One HP config is using a Via chipset, big deal. At least you have a choice between various infrastrucures. I say thumbs up for the HP!

Agree... choices and options rock . But do you really want Alienware to be only option for premium build? I do want to visit Redhat office or ISP offices looking all normal and suddenly i whip out a green thing or black thing with large eyes.

It's only for China, guys. RTFA. No one would let Via's garbageware into back into the US/upscale markets now. They had their chance and blew it, big time.

wtf why via... just when i was assuming HP want to be best in the class. Toshiba looks to be the last premium builder now... but how long

It's only for China. Via's bottom of the barrel products have been bounced out of US markets for years now. Mostly because we have this strange desire to have the computers we pay good money for actually work.

Performance should be acceptable for the price-point they will be shooting for. Definitely not a gaming rig but should be fine for multimedia and document processing. Keeping with low cost model they should distribute with a reliable and widely support open source operating system such as Fedora Core, Suse, or Ubuntu.

I built a VIA C3 900 for an office system some years ago. It was certainly no gaming machine but for it's intended purpose (internet, office apps) it was more than sufficient. The processor ran so cool it didn't even need (or come with) a cooling fan, just a heat sink. Made for a very quiet and inexpensive system.

It sound nice and all but I just hope for them that they don't install Vista on those desktop PC. Well all know that the VIA CPU are not the fastest around and with only 1GB of memory + sub-par built-in graphics...

This would be best suited for Linux, or WinXP....

With 1GB of memory, it should be able to run Vista fair enough. It won't be the fastest PC around, but for a bargain PC it should be usable.