Vietcong 2 Multiplayer Demo released

As promised yesterday, 2K Games has released a Multiplayer demo of Pterodon's upcoming sequel Vietcong 2. Included in the demo are 2 maps, "Depot" and "Trail" and both maps can be played on 64 player servers. Game modes included are Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag. The full class based system is also included in the demo, which allows a player to "level" up as they play and unlock new classes. The demo is 445 mb.

Download: 3dgamers

Download: Filefront

Download: Filerush (Torrent)

Download: Fileplanet

News source: Vietcong 2 homepage

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It's very good. If you enjoyed the first game, you'll like this one I think. Graphically it's not much better than the first game, but the water effects and physics are pretty good. The guns feel terrific, the gun sights are even better now. Maps are awesome, very cramped but yet still open feeling, and it FEELS like you are in Vietnam, if that's possible

I recommend it.