Viewing pornography online reduces short term memory

We’ve been told that pornography can negatively impact many facets of our life. Indeed, the Pentagon had to tell its employees to stop viewing porn at work and Google is forcing users to be more specific when searching for porn.

We understand that people want to protect their children from accidental viewing of pornography--and we definitely don’t want our tax dollars paying for someone to watch it instead of doing their job. But is there a medical reason why people should avoid using the Internet for porn? According to German scientists, the answer is a resounding yes. CBS Las Vegas points to a study in the University of Duisburg-Essen, where men were shown images and were asked whether those images had been shown previously. The study concluded that the men who viewed pornographic images during the study recalled only 67 percent of the images, whereas men who didn’t see any nudity recalled 80 percent of them.

This study seems to correlate well with a study released earlier this year in which researchers found that parts of the brain shut down while viewing pornography, allowing the blood to flow to other areas (not where you were thinking, it was redirected to other areas of the brain instead).

If it turns out that viewing pornography is indeed bad for our memories, what will we do with the Internet? Everyone knows that the Internet is for porn!

Source: CBS Las Vegas

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Real men, who respect women, for sure do not watch porn. Real, married men put their wives above their own selfish desires.

At best the study only indicates that if you are performing a task with porn mixed within you're not going to recall your porn as much... .-.

" Pentagon had to tell its employees to stop ***viewing porn at work***"

SHEESH guys, i was a sysadmin and some users did that during the working hour (or after hour but using the computer of the business) and it was gross. And worst, my bosses complained about why Internet was so slow so i published a (self generate) list of the top sites and we found that one of the most visited links was a pron site... a gay porn sites.

Of course parts of my brain shut down while watching.... can't recall all of the pics.... i mean why should i ?? it's done when it's done.... move on to other stuff !! what a dumb reason to not to watch

What was that first part again? Seriously, I call complete bull****. I can find a study that shows the opposite or just like they do, if I want a specific result, just make my own!

This doesn't mean that viewing pornography is bad for short term memory, it just means that you don't remember the porn you watch as much. It would only be bad for short term memory if results weren't as good if they were showing other images afterwards and the recall rate was still lower.

Exactly. it's like you said it only applies when you are watching pornographic images not general non-porn images and like you said only way it could be bad is if after watching porn your short term memory stays bad for general purposes.

i imagine this (lower short term memory when recalling porn images) is probably normal as us guys minds tend to shut down a bit when that type of stuff is in front of you lol

Edited by ThaCrip, Dec 19 2012, 7:07am :

I have a photographic memory ... then again I tend to forget so I refresh it every 30 mins or so ...
it so happens most is porn but I will through in there some server stuff, games, porn, porn ...

wtf ... is all porn no matter how you put it .. I am surprised I can still write and talk properly

In all honesty I've noticed that my short term memory is worse by the day. I'm nowehere a heavy porn watcher, but I do watch porn.

Most people don't have sex with people they want to instead with people they settle for/can't get better than.

For them porn affords them a level of women they could never realistically achieve.

Real men, who respect women, for sure do not watch porn. Real, married men put their wife's needs above their own selfish desires.

Garak0410 said,
Real men, who respect women, for sure do not watch porn. Real, married men put their wife's needs above their own selfish desires.

You must be female.