Vine, Twitter's video app, soon coming to Android

Vine's co-founder Dom Hofmann confirmed that the popular video app, released by Twitter in January, will soon be coming to Android. Since its release it has soared to the top of the most-downloaded applications chart in the iOS App Store.

Hofmann confirmed the news to The Verge at last night's NYC Apps meetup, simply stating than an Android version of the app would be coming "soon."

Android users have been calling for a release ever since the iOS iteration was launched. At present, only third-party Vine viewers, such as Vine Tube, are available on the Google Play store. Vine Tube and other third-party clients allow users to view short clips posted by other users but naturally don't let users post videos as the official Android version will.

Large companies that choose to release apps on iOS before Android seem to have taken a smart move. Apps such as Instagram, for example, launched initially on iOS. The smaller user base allowed developers to hone the interface and iron out any creases. Releasing the app subsequently on Android then allows the user base to expand, but not at the cost of the app's integrity. Android users, whilst complaining for over a year that no version of Instagram had hit the Google Play store, didn't hesitate to download the app when it became available, however.

Source: The VergeImage via BGR

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It's because iOS has native functionality. You should know how stressful it is to manage multiple devices for the same OS.

What are you talking about? iOS having 'native functionality' (Or the fact you can write native stuff in Android too) has nothing to do with it. The main problem they say they've been having is the similar to the ones instagram had, in that most of the camera drivers for Android phones are closed source and some differ greatly from others. In order to release an app that uses camera functionality it wasn't designed for (Such as rapid stopping and starting of video in vine) You need to a fair bit of testing.

On the other hand though, Cinemagram have gotten their app out on android and it has much more functionality than Vine. You have to wonder why a company as large as Twitter is dragging their heels.

Bro, do you even code?

I'm sorry, I couldn't help that. But, really, native functionality as in that there are things that can be used within the system for all devices without having to do extra work, the way Apple set up the SDK makes it easier for developers.

Apps launch first on iOS...most of the time. Seems like its taking less and less time for Android versions to come out tho.