VirnetX wants more Microsoft cash in new VPN patent lawsuit

In May 2010, Microsoft settled a patent lawsuit with VirnetX for a whopping $200 million, after VirnetX claimed Microsoft violated two of its patents related to Virtual Private Networking (VPN). This week, VirnetX filed another patent lawsuit against Microsoft, this time centering around the company's Skype service.

Bloomberg reports that, according to VirnetX, Skype actually violates six of its VPN patents; Microsoft acquired Skype in 2011 for $8.5 billion. In a statement, VirnetX CEO Kendall Larsen said, "Although Microsoft previously signed a patent license with VirnetX, we believe they are infringing our patents in ways that are outside the scope of the original license. We look forward to quickly resolving this matter.”

A Microsoft spokesperson responded to the claims from VirnetX, saying, "Every successful technology company sees patent suits from time to time. We’re confident in our handling of intellectual property and look forward to addressing these claims."

Source: Bloomberg | Image via Skype

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VirnetX look like a bunch of patent whores. Why didn't they go after Skype before Microsoft acquired them then?

2010: VirnetX get $200 million - oh great, let's spend it on whores and drugs, yaaaaay!

2013: guys, we're out of money, let's go to our private bank aka MS.

2016: ermmmm... guys...

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