Visiontek Radeon HD 4870 review

Just a month ago we reviewed the Radeon HD 4850, the value offering in the new ATI line-up, and in short we absolutely loved it. Since then Nvidia has reconfigured their pricing scheme so that you can pick up either a GeForce 9800 GTX or Radeon HD 4850 for just $200 (the 9800 GTX was previously $300+).

However, if you can spend a little more, AMD also has the Radeon HD 4870 on offer, boasting improved performance on a single GPU for about $285. Competing in the same price range are the Radeon HD 3870 X2 and the GeForce GTX 260 graphics cards, while the GeForce 9800 GX2 and GeForce GTX 280 cost considerably more.

Today we will be taking the Visiontek Radeon HD 4870 card for a spin, comparing it to all of these high-end graphics cards to see how it stacks up both in terms of value and performance.

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(prospero said @ #1)
um... 9800GX2 for $284 here

i don't think the 4870 can compete with that, sorry.

Here - Also has a $30 mail in rebate

Guess you didn't look very hard on newegg :)

Also, you forgot to mention that the 9800GX2 is nvida's last gen card. Also, not that it really matters, the 4870 is a DX10.1 card where as the 9800 is a DX10 card

uh, the 4870 is a single GPU card. I know we're comparing performance at the price points here, but think about that for a second.

Also, why is news? Haven't we all already seen the reviews by now?

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