VLC releases Windows 8 app concept shots, hopes you will donate

VLC is a household name among video enthusiasts who prefer one application that can utilize a wide variety of codecs and formats. While VLC exists as a desktop application, the team behind the product is trying to raise some cash to build a “Modern” application for Windows 8.

The team is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to build the application and at the time of this post, they still need about £10,000 to reach their funding goal with nine days left.

To help spur on donations/pre-purchases, the team has released concept shots of what the application will look like when completed. The team hopes to release the app within three months after raising the money. The first release will run on x86-based devices, and support for ARM architecture will come in a subsequent release.

Source: Kickstarter

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I'll donate since the Xbox Music and Video apps are meant only to force sales through those vehicles and basically suck arse for anything else.

MorganX said,
I'll donate since the Xbox Music and Video apps are meant only to force sales through those vehicles and basically suck arse for anything else.

They play my downloaded music just fine and dandy.
Video app lacks codecs, but it goes fine for most except MKV (which isnt a dealbreaker)

This will be a huge release for the new Windows... and will probably make its way to the new Xbox and Xbox TV (especially with Windows Blue).

I would donate but the problem is that VLC isn't technically legal in the US because it is made by French developers under French laws which don't require them to pay royalties for the codecs they implement. This means that such an app, under US laws infringes on IP owners and it is subject to takedown. And unlike the x86 app which they can't prevent you from downloading, they can easily stop MSFT from publishing this software for the window store.

Yes, this is true. Unfortunately VLC's developers, by taking advantage of this law, use other developers non-free codecs without paying any money and without their consent.

I, personally, am more interested in seeing a metro version of MPC-HC.

I really hope this will cause some friendly competition and light a fire under Microsoft's arse to fix the Video and Music apps. On another note, that mockup looks awesome!

You know the desktop version is skinnable right? Not only that but why would you want to look at a player instead of the video content?

Not actually found any decent skins. I think it's more than just look too. It could do with a UI overhaul to accommodate Movie/TV/Music library modes like displayed in that screenshot. On the otherhand, I guess I could just use this app instead of the desktop version if it's good enough...

The issue with VLC isn't that the skins suck, it's that it's skinnable in the first place. Anyone who uses "there are skins" as an excuse for a ****ty UI, like Tekkerson, is just completely missing the point.

If VLC had a native Windows UI like MPC-HC, there wouldn't be a problem.

xiphi said,
Hey, Microsoft, this is what Xbox Music and Video apps SHOULD look like.

Xbox Music/Video are not media players. They're ecosystem front-ends. Two entirely different things.

They are both, and they are the default media players for Windows 8. The fact that they are also ecosystem front-ends is why they suck, IMHO.

I wish then luck, but for me it looks just like MediaPortal or XBMC. Still i am a VLC player fan fantastic little bit of software. Hope this works out well for them.

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