Vodafone: Next week's new Lumia is "big, bold and beautiful"

A couple of weeks ago, Nokia invited us, along with other esteemed tech news outlets, to "see what’s next" at an event that it will be hosting in London on May 14. As is typical of such invitations, the company was careful not to reveal any details about what it has lined up for the event, telling us only that "the Nokia Lumia story continues".

Looking ahead to that event, Vodafone UK has confirmed that it "will be stocking the next chapter in the Lumia story", adding that it will be present at the event, presumably indicating that the carrier will also be taking part in the announcement and presentation.

Despite Vodafone saying that its "lips are firmly sealed ahead of the launch", the network operator referred to the launch by saying that "there’s something big, bold and beautiful coming just around the corner". Not exactly letting the cat out of the bag, but what’s also interesting is that Vodafone twice refers to a single new product being launched at the event. 

Vodafone already offers the Lumia 920, 820, 620 and 520, and says that it "can’t wait to bring any new members of the Lumia family into the fold", implying that the carrier remains firmly committed to Nokia’s range of Windows Phones. Vodafone adds that it will be "among the first UK networks to offer Nokia’s new darling"; that would appear to suggest that it won’t exclusively offer the handset at launch.

Neowin will be bringing you full coverage from the Nokia Lumia event on May 14, which kicks off at the following times:

  • 1000 GMT+1 – London
  • 0200 PDT – San Francisco
  • 0500 EDT – New York
  • 1100 CEST – Madrid
  • 1430 IST – New Delhi
  • 1900 AEST – Sydney
  • 2100 NZST – Auckland 

Source: Vodafone Social

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I do hope Vodafone dont have it exclusively. switching to Vodafone is a no-no for me as they are the ONLY network with virtually no coverage where I live. I may not get 3G with my network (O2) at home, but at least with them i can make calls.

Every Vodafone customer that comes to visit us is unable to use their phones for calling/texting.

M_Lyons10 said,
I wonder what this is going to be...?

It cannot be the 928, in Europe GSM is used, so probably the Catwalk.

georgevella said,
9:00 am (it's GMT+1-1). Note: London is in summer mode hence the GMT+1

I know.

But the whole point of posting UTC+0 is so that anyone can (almost) instantly figure out the time according to where he is.

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say the big camera sensor will be arriving in some form, and also I commend Vodaphone for their commitment to the cause - I'm seeing far more WP devices about in the last few months in the UK, several friends have them and out in Manchester a few nights ago I spotted loads of Lumias. It seems the WP (or lumia) brands are breaking into the public consciousness.

Gaffney said,
I've been asked (is that a windows phone) way more often than I was 30 months ago.

Same here. WP's biggest.problem was that no one knew it existed... That is slowly changing. Hopefully they keep the momentum going.