VoIP provider Comwave beats Apple, Cisco to IPhone trademark

Hold the phone Apple. Get in line Cisco. When it comes to Canada, it turns out Comwave Telecom Inc. has dibs on the IPhone brand name.

The Toronto-based company has been marketing a voice-over-Internet services under the registered trademark IPhone since 2004 and even has a wireless device called IPhone Mobile.

Comwave's president and chief executive, Yuval Barzakay, said Friday there's no reason for his company to change its plans just because the two big U.S. technology companies happen to want to use IPhone for their products as well.

"There's no confirmed reports that Apple will launch IPhone in Canada," he said in an interview. "And there's no trademark designation on their IPhone logo. So we're not quite sure where they're headed with that."

Read More: CBC.ca - VoIP provider Comwave beats Apple, Cisco to IPhone trademark in Canada
News source: CBC.ca

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The company that registered it first in the US (a company that cisco eventually bought) has had it since 1996. No idea about Canada though. Cisco claims that apple has been wanting the iPhone name since 2001... and this canadian company registered it in 2004? Apple should've been smarter!

Anyway, iPhone is not a hard name to come up with... for a phone, that is. iPod, iMac.. that's less likely. Apple thinking they can get away with it and name their product IPhone is wishful thinking