Vonage Finally in the Legal Clear

In a settlement that marks the end of Internet phone company Vonage's legal troubles for the time being, the company announced in a press release yesterday that it had agreed in principle to end the litigation pending with telecommunications equipment manufacturer Nortel. The contemplated settlement involves a limited cross license to three Nortel and three Vonage patents, but will not call for any monetary payments by any party. Claims relating to past damages and the remaining patents will be dismissed without prejudice. The settlement is subject to final documentation. "We are pleased to resolve this issue and enter into a productive relationship with Nortel," said Vonage Chief Legal Officer Sharon O'Leary. The company had settled patent complaints earlier this year with AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint-Nextel.

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Had vonage for a few years. but I cancelled it early last year. It was ok. but using asterisk with freepbx loaded software on one of my home PCs and using VOIP Buster and VOIP Street found it to be a lot cheaper. Now i have 4 phone lines and I spend about $21 / month for all 4 with my setup. plus using VOIP boxes i have sent one to my mother in europe. so she talks to me for free. i have sent one to my cousing in germany and she talks to me for free and sent another one to another cousin in italy and she can talk to me for free, plus they can all talk with eachother all they want. all free. I love asterisk. :)