Vonage Hit With AT&T Lawsuit

Just when beleaguered internet telephone company Vonage Holdings Corp. seemed to be off the hook, having resolved the nasty little tiff with Sprint several weeks earlier for a cool $80 million, disaster (probably too melodramatic a word, but, eh) strikes again in a similar form as before. Vonage disclosed today that it is being sued by AT&T Inc. for alleged patent infringement. In a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the company said AT&T's lawsuit, filed Wednesday in a U.S. district court in Madison, Wis., pertains to a patent on a wide-area packet-telephony system. Vonage said it has been in discussions with AT&T to resolve the dispute, but it also said it can't guarantee the case won't go to trial.

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I don't see how Vonage would have been using patents from both ATT and Sprint... is anything they use theirs..?... guess I should hold off switching back?

Of course all the big companies are trying to demolish Vonage. For the most part they offer pretty damn cheap phone service at good quality.

How have none of these companies infringed on each other? How much technology can be patented for VoIP? Anyway, keep kicking Vonage while they are down. I wonder who is next in line.