Voting starts for Microsoft's Windows 8 Apps for Social Good contest

In November, Microsoft announced it was sponsoring the Windows 8 Apps For Social Good contest, for both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 apps. The idea behind the contest was to put the spotlight on apps that, in Microsoft's words, provide "a good or service that provides some sort of benefit to the general public and doesn’t solely exist to provide the maximum possible return to shareholders."

The deadline to enter the contest was reached this week and now Microsoft has opened up the contest for the "People's Choice" category, where the general public can vote for what they think is the best app that was submitted in the competition. The apps in the contest range from Shake, a Windows 8 app designed to give users information about earthquakes, to Emergency Kit, a Windows Phone app that can be used to store health information, emergency contacts and more.

The People's Choice voting will continue until March 15th, and the team with the winning app as determined by the public will receive $10,000. In addition, a panel of judges will name their picks for the best Windows 8 app and Windows Phone app. The winning teams will each get $15,000 and a new Windows Phone smartphone.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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If modern UI apps were successful then so much money wouldnt need to be pumped into stuff like this. How about we stop playing with apps (that are great on our phones) but not on our big wide screen powerful desktops? Do we really have to wait for a competitor to jump on the desktop market, before MS wakes up.

Not so simples because they will continue to shoved down our throats. Anyway I'm still getting Start Menu escapes every now and then. It's a shame tablet doesn't rhyme with dumbing down....