Watch Adobe's CEO dodge questions about high Australian software prices

Adobe has been taking it on the chin this week in Australia thanks to the high prices of its software in that part of the world compared to the US. The Adobe Creative Suite 6 Master Collection costs over $1,800 more in Australia for the boxed copy in Australia compared to the US, or over $1,400 more for the digital version.  As we mentioned earlier this week, this means Australians could fly to the US, buy a copy of the same boxed software and then fly back home and still save money.

Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen came to Australia this week but in a video posted on YouTube, he completely dodged questions from reporters at a press conference in Sydney concerning the price differences for Creative Suite 6. Instead, he said that the Creative Cloud service was the future of Adobe's business and said that the prices for those services would be a good value

The off-screen reporter in the video kept pressing Narayen for any guidance about the reasons for the high prices for Adobe's stand alone software offerings, but as you can see, Narayen seemed to be hearing a totally different question coming from that reporter's mouth. Hopefully the pressure from the media and the Australian government will finally convince Adobe to take action.

Source: YouTube

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Answer the question...motha****a!

Look at the face of the guy in the background. He looks like he's trying not to crack up.

Ways to avoid answering questions...

* Say what you just said again because even though it has nothing to do with what he's asking, you're at least blabbing your mouth...even if you are saying the same ****ing thing.
* Nod your head and sip your glass of water. Maybe you'll find an answer after a refreshing sip and time diversion.

He could of have just said...."I can't comment on pricing"

That is flat out embarrassing to watch. And kudos to the journalist for keeping calm and clearly asking his question... Typical executive management squirming and sliding around an awkward question and trying to bamboozle with a BS answer. Which didn't work.

This is absolutely shameful, I didn't exactly expect higher form from Adobe, but even this is lower than myself and I think many others could have anticipated. Just answer the very simple question, no one cares about your subscription service!

Considering his inability to answer it each time, I'm going to assume their basic theory behind the Australian price structure was simply: "Because we can, and we will, because Australians don't seem to question it". Well, Mr. Narayen, we're questioning it.

He wasn't answering the question because there is absolutely no way of justifying that amount of difference in price for the same software being sold digitally, other than greed

He should be beheaded. Top class asshat abusing the customer.
Yeah, for the lulz, you can easily pirate it to "stick it to the man", but as a serious thing, you need a legit license. Not to mention the US bought Adobe product is illegal to use in EU (due to difference in taxes), I dunno about AUS.

Doesn't most stuff cost more in Aus? This isn't the first time I've heard of something costing a lot more down there then it does in the USA even with the currency exchanges accounted for... for some reason I remember XBOX costing a ton more, and some other devices

IrishEdg3 said,
I think he played dodgeball before working for adobe.

Dodge, dip, dive, duck, and dodge.

I think if we look you wants to dodge, dip and dive, the CreativeCloud provides a very good experience for any customer who wants to duck and dodge.

Adobe business: tap into the few uber-loyal and well-heeled customers, charge an arm and a leg, and subsequently alienate everybody else (both potential and former customers alike).

Result: "record" sales while also reducing the number of "headache" customers to support.

remixedcat said,
THIS guy runs adobe??? SMH

If you wanted to run Adobe I think you have to look at how well the CreativeCloud provides a feature rich environment in the CreativeCloud. It's important to remember that CreativeCloud isn't just for CEOs but for personal and teams.

creative cloud is a cloud that is all about the creative cloud which is the part of the business that is in the creative cloud... *SMACK*

I kinda felt like smacking that adobe CEO around.

Shantanu Narayen.exe is not responding.... "end task"

xpablo said,
And they wonder why their software is one of the most pirated software programs in the world.

When Adobe thinks about how they want to attract the next generation of users, CreativeCloud provides a very good offer.

That interview was disgraceful and he was obviously very unprepared.

However, I do kinda see what he's saying. CreativeCloud costs the same in the Australia as it does in the States. It's only the standalone suites that cost most. Since CreativeCloud is the future, they are pushing people to upgrade to that instead of the standalone suites. All companies moving to the subscription based model do the same thing.

I do, however, think he should have given a better answer for the price diff for the standalone suites, even if it was honest. By dodging questions, it'll make the opposite effect, turning people off from CreativeCloud.

Exactly. I can't believe that guy is heading one of the biggest software company in the world. That guy has some credentials to his name but when it comes to leadership quality, he's truly lacking.

If you look at the top comments for the video, I can see this turn into a meme, oh it better because this man is perfectly bred with no empathy or emotion. What a disgrace.

It's disgraceful the way he continues to avoid answering the question. If there's a legitimate reason for the price difference then he should explain that; if not he should correct it - talking nonsense is the wrong way to approach the situation.

theyarecomingforyou said,
It's disgraceful the way he continues to avoid answering the question. If there's a legitimate reason for the price difference then he should explain that; if not he should correct it - talking nonsense is the wrong way to approach the situation.

When you think about the digital economy, Adobe thinks that the CreativeCloud is the way forward for its users and we're working with CreativeCloud to CreativeCloud CreativeCloud CreativeCloud the customers.

Torolol said,
well, if somebody made book: "How to made your greed look justified, for CEOs"
would he buy one?

I doubt since he would probably be the author

TechieXP said,
My answer would have been, while being questioned by lawyers I am not allowed to answer this question.

When Adobe looks at the questions being asked, we look at the CreativeCloud we think that's the best offering and very attractive for our customers.

xstex said,
He should be ashamed, poor form in that video.

When Adobe thinks of video, the value of customers get from CreativeCloud is phenomenal where you can use it for personal, teams and even businesses. The future of Adobe is the CreativeCloud.