Watch Google's I/O keynote right here

Google is hosting its IO keynote today and if you want to watch the live stream, we have posted it above for your viewing pleasure. Expected today are a new version of Android, an update on Google Wear, a new TV strategy and more updates for Google Glass.

The keynote kicks off at at 12 PM ET / 9 AM PT.

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Man I am so jealous that everyone there will be getting the motorola 360 watch...... Did you hear how disappeared the crowd was when he said it wouldnt be available until later in the summer.

For all the people that bitch apple copies google look at the latest announcements. Continuity is being ripped off and "not ready yet" which means Google hasn't been working on this for a long time. Also if they had it would be cross platform like so of their apps. Instead its Chromebook/OS. hopefully all the android elitist will shut up now. Just embrace tech instead of wasting time judging people for what they choose to use.

ART is finally replacing Dalvik and is fully x64. Finally. Was waiting to see how long Google would take

I'm waiting for this puppy to get ported to Intel, as it could actually be a real alternative (and not just to Windows, either).

Proximity Unlocking, about time.

Im happy third parties did this for Apple but building it into the system and having native support is something I've always wanted. Good job Google

How about doing that tiny extra effort and posting the time in GMT timezone as well? You realize you have readers in Europe, don't you?

Grinch said,
It isn't hard to do conversion yourself. I'm CT, I take one hour away from ETs time. Not to mention that there is numerous web resources to help you through this if math isn't your strongest area.

Oh. Thank you for that obvious "information". Why is both ET and PT stated then if it "isn't hard to do conversion yourself"? Bet it's much easier for folks in PT to calculate their time given ET only, as they are pretty much aware of US timezones. Us Europeans are not and I don't feel like memorizing which is which.

You probably are also aware that much like US, Europe also has different timezones, so people have to calculate anyway. It just so happens that calculating from GMT is much more convenient (for folks in Europe) than from ET/PT/CT.

Neowin has readers in Europe, so as I see it, it's a matter of courtesy.

Grinch said,
Neowin has readers everywhere. So I don't really see what your comment about Europe has to do with anything.

Ok, forget about Europe. There are more people in the world that understand "GMT" than people that understand US-centric timezones.

Clear enough for you now?

I just do not understand why it bothers you so much. Neowin is an American-based company as far as I know. It makes sense for them to use our time zone names.

Grinch said,
I just do not understand why it bothers you so much. Neowin is an American-based company as far as I know. It makes sense for them to use our time zone names.

Given their global reach (Internet anyone?) it makes much more sense to use GMT as well in addition to ET/PT.

Thanks Brad. Lol, look at the rubes taking photos of the countdown clock. Wait, I used to be one of those rubes! :/

Edited by COKid, Jun 25 2014, 4:44pm :

Excited to see what happens. Glad I have a Nexus 5. New android version means I can try it out as soon as its available