Watch Microsoft's demo of Skype's real-time translation service at WPC14

Microsoft has a really cool feature in the pipeline for Skype, and with a bit of luck it will be released in 'preview' later this year. At WPC in Washington, D.C.,  they showed it off in front of 14,000 partners. If you were not able to watch the keynote this morning but would like to see the real-time Skype translation demo, we were able to record it while we watched the keynote.

The video was recorded at the Verizon center that was filled with 14,000 people, so there was quite a bit of ambient noise in the video as well during the demo. This ambient noise adds to the credibility of the tool as it can work in a noisy arena quite well.

The demo got off to a bumpy start, but for the most part, it was a seriously impressive demonstration of real-time voice and language translation.

Microsoft said that they hope to have this feature in public beta later this year, and the use cases for the tool are quite obvious; the demo was translating from German to English and English to German.

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Don't worry folks. MS will release it first simultaneously on Android & iOS. Meanwhile, WP will take another 6 months. On a serious note, I do like WP. I just need a 1020 next-gen phone SOON.

we have invented biological weapons and the atomic bomb decades back. im not impressed ;-/

kinda shows where we put our focus in the last 100 years. going back to watch star trek.

This is great and I look forward to using it. However, I'm more interested in a universal translator that can be carried around, as that will make trips abroad all the easier.

Really impressive. I'm definitely gonna be one of the first to jump on that preview. It looks beautiful, the voices are nice and natural, and I can't wait to talk with relatives back home that I've never been able to communicate with. :D

Enron said,
The ORIGINAL Robocop movie? Bing/Skype didn't exist in 1987.

But... Robocop did run MS-DOS.

I remember the part where a bad guy or someone was talking to the president of OCP in Japanese and the machine translate Japanese into English. ^^

perochan said,

I remember the part where a bad guy or someone was talking to the president of OCP in Japanese and the machine translate Japanese into English. ^^

That was probably in Robocop 3 then.

Goog simply cannot catch up with this. Their voice recognition services have always been horrible. It's one of things Microsoft has the upperhand with since they has YEARS of research and study ahead of them and you can already tell even with Cortana and Kinect today at how well they are able to take in voices in various accents and languages and in different noise settings.

Microsoft has been working with voice recognition for longer than both Google and Apple. Starting with Text-To-Speech, Sync in Ford Cars, and now Cortana.

warwagon said,
Das gleiche Problem die ganze Zeit, tolle Funktion wird erst nach 1 Jahr zu kommen und bis dahin GOOG aufholen wird.

Iedere keer hetzelfde probleem, een geweldige functie komt na één jaar uit en tegen die tijd maakt "GOOG" een inhaalslag.

That was fun! :p