'We'll bleed you dry', pledges Bank of Scotland

Spotted at The Register: Not really news but it's refreshing to see the honest approach from a bank on loan's

News source: El Reg

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Always have to be the one to denounce it eh?

They're called JPEG compression artifacts. It comes from taking a screenshot and saving it as a JPEG, some quality is lost.

The background is a solid colour, so if you wanted to, you could easily modify it without a trace.

also i dont think this is near worthy of putting on Neowin's front page...

joke are jokes but its photoshopped or fixed ....

im mean HELLO!!!! MC FLY!!!!!

Well, believe it or not, the staff do have a sense of humour tucked away :D

Personally, i find stuff like this funny, and i think it should be here - and in the end, its their front page, so they can put what they like on it

Well I wouldn't complain about the intrestrate, you should try paying of a loan in Iceland the intrestrate is about 7% and then you have to add the inflation rate 7% a year which adds to the capital of the loan so the rate is more than 14% per year. I would be happy to have a loan with 7% with out connection to inflation. Well that is the price you have to pay for living on a small island.

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