What does Alienware have planned for E3 2013?

Microsoft and Sony both have plans to hold major press conferences in Los Angeles on June 10th, the day before E3 2013 opens its doors. Now it looks like Dell's PC gaming division Alienware will have its own event that will be held in LA on the same day to announce some major news of its own.

Neowin received an invite to the Alienware event, which will be held in a section of downtown LA that evening. Alienware listed a number of partners who will be a part of the the event, including Intel, NVIDIA and several current and upcoming PC games.

It's unclear if Alienware will launch an all new PC design or if this will just be a refresh of its current lineup. The division's last all new product was the X51 desktop that was first launched over a year ago; Alienware's last major refresh of its gaming PC notebooks also happened over a year ago.

Alienware did surprise many people in April when it announced the X51 could have the Linux-based Ubuntu OS installed as an option in addition to Windows 7 or 8; the Ubuntu version comes with supported graphics drivers from NVIDIA.

Source: Email invite | Image via Dell

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I know what they are doing but I can't tell under oath! When it is announced, I know half of the people will think it's great, the other half will hate it.

My bet is that they are announcing an updated X51 line and a partnership with Valve. The X51 is basically a Steambox already, just add the branding and pre-install Steam and Alienware will get plenty of press about it.

I picked up the X51 on a deal in December and don't regret it at all. Picked up a quad core i5, GTX 660 1.5GB, 1TB HDD, 8GB RAM machine in a custom built case with custom, professional cabling and airflow for £600. Yes, I could have built the machine myself a little bit cheaper, but its the form factor I was most after as it looks awesome sat there under my TV.

Granted not top of the line specs for the time but i can play far cry 3 on ultra settings and am happy with the price I paid.

I'd definitely consider an alienware machine again going by the performance of this machine, and they're onto a winner with the X51 form factor.

I have an Alienware, and I do not regret this. You can say whatever you want about the price. This thing looks, feels and performs like a beast.

I do too. It really is a great PC. I wish they would do more advertising for this thing with the price included. That's not something you hear very often on the internet, "more advertising." The X51 could become a desktop standard as opposed to a niche. It would be great if they could just place the connector slot on the side of the motherboard, instead of using a riser card. That would make it even smaller.

you should try Medion, high end Performance for a good deal of Price.. http://www.medion.de ..
i got a Medion Erazer x6817 for 900 euro, i7 2.2Ghz, GTX560m, 8GB ram, and with a Bluray Player...it aint at all bad.. i can Play GTA IV at 728p on high Quality.. thou i have to admit the design would be ugly..but you have to remember..if you want better design..you have to pay higher..cause it takes works to get good designes... but i only choose for Performance despite of the designes...