What the Vark! Google acquires Aardvark

Today Google announced that they will be acquiring Aardvark, an online social search that provides user responses, instead of search engine results.  The social search promises to return human responses for your questions within minutes, by carefully selecting the right person.

The acquisition is effectively immediately, while Google has been working closely with Aardvark for the past two years to develop a faster and more accurate system.  Users can start using Aardvark immediately, through Google Labs, and for free.

Google mentioned that they will be developing Aardvark over the next weeks and months, to improve its speed and quality of service to its users.  Over the next while, Google will be incorporating Aardvark into Google more, providing hundreds of millions of users with on-demand answers for those tricky questions.

Google also mentioned that all existing Aardvark accounts will still work as normal.  Google stated that users questions are set to private by default, unless users wish to share their questions and answers, which will be indexed on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.

Users may also sign up for free here, or import their Google Profile to register for a new account and start varking!

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This is going to be a problem for the future of humanity information by letting all go just through one corporation. I can't imagine the proportions of the damage if in a later time, Google falls in the wrong hands. Power = Information > Money > Government > People. Google can become god with no exaggeration.

whitebread said,

Google already is like the KGB... They have files on everybody :shiftyninja:

Edited by xfx, Feb 13 2010, 3:44am :

I don't see the appeal of this. I asked a pretty basic question almost 10 minutes ago and still haven't gotten a response yet. You can find the answer to your question much faster just by doing a search.

Mike Chipshop said,
I thought this had already happened...! Maybe i'm psychic? Oooo i hope so :D
lol Better start buying stock in what you "see" then. ;)