What will technology look like in 2020?

When it comes to information technology, we’ve come a long way in the past decade. Back in 2001, the Pentium 4 and Rambus memory were the latest and greatest technologies. Not many people would’ve predicted that smartphones and tablets would be commonplace not ten years later. But what’s IT going to look like in the year 2020?

That’s the question that HP wants answered and is enlisting the opinions of everyone on the Internet to help “crowdsource” the answer. The project is called “Enterprise 20/20,” and the goal is to try and figure out what the future holds. The initiative originated at HP Discover in Las Vegas and will initially conclude at HP Discover in Frankfurt this December, although feedback will continue to be taken even after the conference ends. The goal is to create five individual chapters that ask five different questions and then release the results in an e-book at HP Discover in Frankfurt.

The five topics are as follows:

  1. What will the CIO position look like in 2020?
  2. What will the technology supply chain look like in 2020?
  3. How will marketing become more data driven?
  4. Will companies still have their own data centers in 2020?
  5. How will employees be different in 2020?

The last chapter is one of the more interesting ones for Neowin readers, and indeed has been the most popular topic for HP since the project launched. A few years ago it was unheard of for employees to use their own devices on the corporate network, but today Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives are fairly common. In 2020, will employees even have a desk? Will corporations be responsible for purchasing any employee hardware? Where do the lines between work and personal time separate?

If you want to share your opinions, be sure to head over to HP’s site and register, post, or tweet (with hashtag #enterprise2020). Top contributors will be eligible to win $5000 and a trip to HP Discover in Las Vegas next year.

Overall this is an exciting project and we can’t wait to see the overall result when it’s finished.

Source: HP Enterprise 20/20

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Tyler R. said,
Hardware in 10 years:
1Thz processors, 3TB SSDs, 64GB ram, 6GB video card, and all OS's are 128 bit.

I could understand most of your predictions, but I think the 1Thz processors is the most unlikely to happen.

Tyler R. said,
Hardware in 10 years:
1Thz processors, 3TB SSDs, 64GB ram, 6GB video card, and all OS's are 128 bit.

I'd say, 6 GB video cards will be there next year. We have 2 GB mainstream and 4 GB for high-end already, so there's one little step left only.

One needs not to look into professional cards (where Tesla K10 has 8 GB already, I might add). Didn't know up until now about this one - dead cheap 6 GB already:

Interestingly, memory has become dirt cheap, and these huge amounts now mostly function as a marketing tool. For example, even modded Skyrim on a FullHD screen didn't eat whole 3 GBs of GTX 660Ti. I can't vouch if it holds true with more careful and latest selection of mods, and how multi-display setups and the wretched 3D affects VRAM usage, as I only "borrowed" client's card from workplace, but whatever - using 4096x4096 textures for nearly everything (install base was 17 GB, w/o any DLC) is already a huge stretch for an average gamer.

In short - what one's going to do with that VRAM? And RAM, too - with huge and fast SSDs even Superfetch is quickly losing its relevance. It's mostly sitting there for people to brag in their signatures about, I guess

If the "desktop" disappears, they will either be a dockable replacement, or somesort of inbuilt projector for tablets.

The desktop can only disappear when there is a replacement of equal or more power for gaming. A phone cannot duplicate it at the moment, and even if we triple the tech I doubt it's equal.

I guess we'll all have nasty and greasy touch-screen all over the place but iOS will still not support some basic features, Android will still be laggy as ****, and Windows Phone will still have a total of 51 apps

I do think desktops will die. If you want more screen space, you may simply attach an external display wirelessly to a laptop with better than current desktop PC performance in a 11"-13" format. I don't think there'll be any point to have a desktop computer, only downsides. At least now there's a performance benefit, but even today, that performance gap isn't as important as it once were.

By 2020 I imagine scarcity of certain metals will start to become a problem for technology pricing. At the same time, though, the benefits of buying new hardware will continue to diminish. Consequently, hardware companies will begin going under. Sounds like bad news for HP

At the rate technology is advancing all the power of a current desktop will be in the size of a smart phone. Its amazing that we went from super computers that filled a large room to ultra book laptops to take on the go.

I guess implants like id tags will be used a lot, quantum computing will be in early commercial versions , tablets will exist with much more thinner profile , new battery technologies will be introduced