Why IE8 wont use the Webkit rendering engine

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer's statement on "considering using Webkit for Internet Explorer" has raised many speculations that IE8 may use Webkit. Here are the reasons why Mary-Jo Foley, who is otherwise called as 'Microsoft Watcher' thinks IE8 wont use the Webkit rendering engine:

  • IE8 is almost done
  • Microsoft is pushing test cases, not rendering engines
  • Microsoft is not "consider(ing) adopting WebKit for Internet Explorer."

She also adds that would it be feasible for Microsoft make WebKit a plug-in to IE? Would the company consider doing so with IE 9 (which, if Microsoft sticks to its current schedule, would be released in 2011 or so)?

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LOL, no of course not IE8! Haha. Who in the right mind would even consider that? IE8 is in Beta 2, not Alpha 1!

If WebKit makes an entrance in IE at all (I find it unlikely, but am of course hopeful), it'll be in IE9 at earliest...

Rather than replacing Trident with WebKit, I prefer Microsoft to keep using (and improving) Trident.

As mentioned in the above comment by +DrCheese, competition is good.

I can't believe anyone would have seriously entertained the idea of using webkit for IE8 considering it's already so far into the beta cycle. :/
I'd rather IE kept their own engine anyway (Even tho it's been pretty poor in the past) The more competition, the better.

They like to have own browser engine & they dislike open source. Caz open source & business are different. Another thing is I personally won't like if Microsoft.com's front page gets "Donate Us" link.

I dont think anything that means "open source" should be adopted by everyone. I think its the developers choice and in this regard Microsoft has chosen Trident *as their* rendering engine.

BTW, where is that "Donate Us" link ?

I just can't see MS ever using open source software in such a way, Ballmer described open source as a cancer.

Of course, I'd love to be proven wrong.