Will Microsoft not offer pre-orders for Surface Pro before Feb. 9th?

10 days before the official launch of the Windows RT version of Microsoft's Surface tablet in late October 2012, the company started taking pre-orders for the long awaited device on its Microsoft Store website. So you might think that Microsoft would do the same for the upcoming Windows 8 Pro version of the Surface tablet, right?

Well, maybe not. The general manager of Microsoft's Surface division, Panos Panay, has not given any indication that Microsoft will give the public a chance to pre-order the tablet online before the Surface Pro launches on February 9th. Two people contacted him via Twitter this past week asking that exact question. One of his responses came on Thursday:

It's possible that Microsoft wants to make sure that they have enough of the Surface Pro tablets to go around this time and as such they may hold off on pre-orders to make sure everyone who orders one gets one promptly. Soon after online pre-orders launched for the Windows RT version, there were immediate supply shortages for the tablet that took a few weeks to solve.

We did email Microsoft to get a comment on Panay's Twitter messages and were told by a spokesperson, "All we can share is that Surface Windows 8 Pro will be available for purchase on February 9th."

Source: Panos Panay on Twitter

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I want to get a Surface Pro but I would like to check it out first. Hopefully they have them at local stores otherwise I probably will wait till they do. I wonder if they could have done better selling the Surface RT if they had it available at local stores on launch rather than only the Microsoft store and online orders.

What a load of flawed logic! Don't allow pre-orders because they could run out of supply!!

If anything pre-orders allow you to gauge demand!!!

as147 said,
What a load of flawed logic! Don't allow pre-orders because they could run out of supply!!

If anything pre-orders allow you to gauge demand!!!

Where did you read that "they could run out of supply?" All he said was it will be on schedule for Feb 9th release...

scorpian007 said,
No cellular radios on the Surface Pro. Could easily plug a 3G USB stick in or tether though.

I can't imagine what that will do to the already anticipated PC-like battery life.

Argh, give us an Australian date! I start uni in a week and desperately need a new laptop. I'm more likely to buy a MacBook air and install windows 8 than I am to but a rubbish plastic laptop or tablet from another OEM.

Why were we an Rt launch market and not Pro? RT is useless for real work.

Give us Surface Pro!

The $499 32GB Surface RT is £399 incl 20% VAT so if pricing for the Pro is the same it would come to £699 and £769 respectively for 64 GB and 128 GB versions

NeoTrunks said,
I hope I can get one before I go to Israel next month.

As long as TSA doesn't treat Surface like when MacBook Air first came out...

I've gone through TSA with my Surface RT plenty of times. They don't even want you to take it out of the a bag. Pro might be slightly different but they don't acknowledge the RT as even a laptop.