Will Sony finally make a Windows Phone device?

While there has been evidence that Sony worked on a prototype of a Windows Phone-based smartphone in the past, so far the big Japanese electronic company has not joined with Microsoft in offering a product using the mobile phone OS inside. That could finally be changing, according to a recent quote from a Sony Mobile executive.

In an interview at the Mobile Today website, Sony Mobile's UK and Ireland MD Pierre Perron is quoted as saying:

Sony’s strategy is one of openness. Microsoft is a Sony partner with the likes of our VAIO laptops and it’s integrated onto our tablets. As far as Xperia smartphones go, Android remains the preferred partner, although Sony is not a single partner company. We are currently investigating with the likes of Microsoft the possibility of diversifying our product strategy.

Sony's Windows 8-based Vaio Duo 11 notebook-tablet hybrid was revealed in late August

Sony certainly came up with some cool Windows 8-based touch screen products at the IFA trade show in late August, including the Vaio Duo 11 shown above. It stands to reason that Sony could also come up with a smartphone that would look cool and perhaps rival what Nokia, Samsung and HTC have in mind.

Via: WPCentral.com
Source: Mobile Today | Image via Sony

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I wouldn't call the Vaios 'cool.' They actually look a little cheap, although I might take that back when I feel one in my hands.

I don't like the look of the VAIOs too but I'm fine with the Xperias. WP, the way I see it, is more of a battle of what services the OEMs can include exclusively on their phone than about multi-million cores and terrabytes of RAM since the OS runs smooth even on not-top-of-the-line hardware.

Considering my last vaio had Vista's sidebar and several other stuff replaced with Google software, nah, don't think so.

I guess they figure there's no difference between shipping Windows 8 with Xbox gaming built in and Windows Phone 8 with Xbox gaming built in...

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