WiMAX Wireless Network to be Deployed in Montreal, Canada

Montreal will soon deliver wireless Internet and mobile IP telephony to residents. A new WiMAX based Wi-Fi network is being deployed across the metropolitan area, as a result of a joint venture between two Quebec-based businesses: independent Internet service provider Radioactif.com and Nomade Télécom, wireless network installer and operator.

The new wireless services will be made available first to residents of Montreal's Plateau Mont-Royal neighbourhood. By 2009, the network will expand to blanket nearly 300 square kilometres of Montreal servicing approximately 90% of residents, the companies describe. It will provide an affordable alternative to the oligopoly maintained by companies currently providing telephone, cellular and Internet service.

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Montreal has had WiMAX for quite a while. So the only real news here is upcoming competition.

Bell and Rogers have deployed the infrastructure in partnership, and both providers offer their own version of the service (ie Rogers Portable Internet and Sympatico Unplugged)

I've been using it for almost a year already and it works quite well.

One caveat: both providers block VoIP (SIP).

Toronto is clearly holding back still hoping to capitalize on the WiFi infrastructure they have set up. Sadly, which is proving a pitfall. This service never worked for me without dropping off all too frequently.

A side note, can we finally get data costs on a cellular networks to come down? That price is outrageous it makes taking business on the road a huge overhead.

Seems like Toronto Hydro is not really inviting this service to the GTA, I mean everyone knows that there has to be some resistance of WiMax not coming to Toronto.. I mean, they put it in Hamilton and not in the Downtown core? (no offense Hamiltion), I think Toronto Hydro is probably doing something to hold it back as they offer this service already for Torontonians..

I'd like to see this in The Durham and Peel region, though!